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The respect from the teens is something you just can't measure

I like you
No, really. You are nice.
Thanks for visiting the site.

"Why do you have a website?"
I was doing this meeting type of thing and had my new camera with me. This co-worker type was like, "OH! I love that camera" and asked me all these questions. I slipped into my early-twenties camera store mode and gave her the whole 'pitch' on my delightful Canon SD10.
The topic of shooting in lowlight came up and I showed her those two photos on the robot I had taken with the camera without the flash on. She said, "oh, you have a website?"
I replied yes.
"Why do you have a website",she asked the same way you would ask someone, "Why do you kill small children" or "Why do eat your own poo".

I had no answer.

Ten Possible Answers
10. Matt wanted to meet someone and start a family, so he helped re-introduce me to the world of computing because he knew any internet project I created would attract the ladies like a lady magnet.

9. So, I could learn more about Canada

8. Because I really enjoy carpal tunnel syndrome.

7. My longing to create a black background-ed website that had nothing to with gaming.

6. Pat really needed to find a place to release his pent up ball smashing anger of Matt.

5. I sleep too much already.

4. The respect from the teens is something you just can't measure.

3. Something about Kirk Cameron.

2. My life is just that darn interesting.

1. The internet in book form wasn't working so well.

I'm trying to set something up for Pat where he can write entries for us all to read with his adventures (or shall we say MISADVENTURES! YEA?! YEA?!) in Iraq.

On the train back to NYC
The ticket taker is a girl and she's kind of cute.
The teen behind me has a cell phone. Yes! Can you hear me! I have a cell phone! Yea, I am on the train! On the phone.
It's crowded.
The seats are strangely comfortably uncomfortable. You know, they are comfortable in theory, but they don't ever seem to work out right.
It's either really really raining outside - or not. These windows - they are dirty.

By the way, if I have to eat at that damn Peruvian restaurant in Stamford CT one more time - I'll kill a man.
Right, I know that Peru has a cool asian / south American thing happening, but just serving Chinese and sticking some Peruvian art on the wall doesn't make it Peruvian.

Then again, I have never been to Peru.

Oh, Cypress Hill.

from what i hear, the internet has this new drinking game... and,oh yeah, its your turn!

»dred pirate davey ||  4/9/2004 ||  6:18:44 AM
wait . . . this isn't a gaming site?!?!?

I thought you were a Paladin and my White Mage was just going to heal you with a Curaga spell . . . but alas, I couldn't roll the saving throw.
»mr. xls ||  4/9/2004 ||  8:21:34 AM
I just bought the Internet Book-on-Tape, as read by David Sedaris.
Holy shit it sucked.
»chris ||  4/9/2004 ||  9:01:53 AM
I'm scared of *teens*, I never used to be. Maybe I need a gaming site...
»binx ||  4/9/2004 ||  11:42:40 AM
Do you know of any good gaming sites? Ones that might feature games like Crawlsapce2009 or DungRaiders2050?

Those titles were meant to be funny, yet they aren't.
»chad84 ||  3/11/2005 ||  11:17:01 AM
To which exciting locale did you fly? Do you always go on short jaunts without saying a proper goodby?
»kristen ||  3/11/2005 ||  11:33:58 AM

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