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Election 2004

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My probing questions

Debate Questions for Thursday
Mr. Kerry, when you windsurf, do you have a hard time pulling the sail out the water? I do, see, because I am fairly small in the grand scheme of things. My friend George taught me to windsurf, but I always had a problem with that part. You look pretty tall.

Mr. Bush, you sometimes make this face that reminds me of my grandmother.

Mr. Kerry, I am from North Carolina, just like your Mr. Edwards. Do you think Mr. Edwards knows my dad?

Mr. Bush, when you were taking cocaine, did you engage in any cool group sex? It always seems like people do that when on the cocaine.

Mr. Kerry, this ‘flip flop' thing that your opponent always brings up – do you think it will increase or decrease sales of flip-flops? Honestly, I think they have reached saturation point fashion-wise – but I like them when my wife gets her toenails all painted pretty.

Mr. Bush. Do your dogs and cats just roam free in the White House? Do you like wine?

Mr. Kerry. I hear insurgents love ice cream. Can you define ‘confit' better than our waiter did?

Mr. Bush. Could you say something funny, like when you mispronounce things? My wife loves that.

Mr. Kerry. Do you think your campaign would be improved by more maniacal laughter?

Mr. Bush. What was it like to grow up in the White House? What's Amy Carter really like?

Mr. Kerry. Dick Cheney thinks you're hot – are you dating anyone now?

Mr. Bush. If you and your opponent were involved in a knife fight in a foot of water – who would win?

Mr. Kerry. I know your wife has that ketchup connection - that's pretty cool being connected to hot dogs like that I bet. Eh?

Mr. Bush, I know that you are saved and ‘born again' – when you are born again, is it like really being born again? I guess what I am trying to say is... Do you get spanked?

Mr. Bush, I know that you are saved and ‘born again’ – when you are born again, is it like really being born again? I guess what I am trying to say is... Do you have two belly buttons now?

you are funny :r
»k ||  9/29/2004 ||  12:49:53 AM
I thought it was 6 inches of water.
»tim ||  9/29/2004 ||  5:35:48 AM
mr kerry, i hear you have ties to the prosthetic chin industry, any comments?
»dred pirate davey ||  9/29/2004 ||  6:43:08 AM
Mr. Kerry, what am I thinking right now?
Ok, how about NOW!? Or NOW?!

»jason ||  9/29/2004 ||  8:46:08 AM
hee hee. LOL. Rich - I think you should start moonlighting as a journalist! LOVE IT.
» ||  9/29/2004 ||  9:17:42 AM
Mr. Bush, will you say, "What's happenin' Muskie?" You remind me of an old friend of mine.
»deputy dawg ||  9/29/2004 ||  9:59:31 AM
I am choking on peanut butter. This is that damn funny.
»chris ||  9/29/2004 ||  11:20:46 AM

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