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NYC seems grumpy today

Site Stats
I was poking around the traffic reports the other day and thought that someone out there might be interested to see which sections of the robot get the most traffic.
Now, the following ranking does not count the Chat Bot, the menu page, the front page - all three of which make up for a considerable amount of traffic and page views. I think I will reward Pony a prize. Maybe a plaque.
Most Popular Pages
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robot journal
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How's the weather in California?
Kristen reported that it rained in LA the other day - I believe that is the 2nd day of rain in 2004?
Here in the big stink, we are having a nice, chilly, windy, rainy morning. After my 3 block stroll to the office, I am mostly water, which is a great way to start the day.
Wet shoes.
Wet socks.
Wet pants.

NYC seems grumpy today.

Inch by inch, sit back and watch it go
I just checked the weather forecast for sunny LA, and apparently you are getting rain there.
Right now. As I type.
Across the top of the weather page was a warning about flooding?!

This will make Mark happy because he is all worried about LA drying up like the proverbial sponge that it is.

I was listening to the new William Shatner album yesterday - it's tricky to listen to.
First you have to be able to turn off that ironic, post-modern filter that you run everything through (we can call that the iron-po-mo-filter).
Then you have to try and push all those other Shatner songs to the back of your brain.

Man oh man. All hail Mr. Stewart.
People are reporting that the Crossfire goofs are now 'attacking' John Stewart from his appearance on their show last week.
What douche bags.

DailyKos has a good discussion about this, centering on the idea that the Crossfire folks just didn't get it.
Congress should pass a law forcing John Stewart to go on every network news program and lambast them.

Interestingly, Boing Boing reports that the number of people downloading and viewing the Crossfire footage on the web has surpassed the number of people who normally watch the show by something like twenty-fold.
Or fifteen-fold.

"They said I wasn't being funny. And I said to them, 'I know that, but tomorrow I will go back to being funny, and your show will still blow.' "

Jon Stewart, Again in the Crossfire

Lamb Blast?
mmmmmmm... blasted lamb.

Slave to your phone
People, they invented voice-mail for a reason - to take your friggin' messages. There is a woman here at The Cubicle Shoppe who regularly calls me...
ME: "Hello?" (Even though her name shows up on the phone, I pretend not to notice it)
HER: "Hi, it's Cindy. Um, can I put you on hold for a second?"
ME: "Um, sure."
- 30 seconds later -
HER: "Yea, I am going to need to call you back"

This happens on a regular basis.
Voicemail, people.
Let them talk to your voicemail for a change.

Annoy co-workers
We have this stupid internal version of MSN Messenger here at work. I keep my on 'Out to Lunch' 24-7 and that really irks some people.

Sunday was the birthday of JackiePony-J - HB!

My brother, bless his heart, creates these wonderful album covers for his (fictional?) band Stinkweed. He does this all with that PaintBrush program that comes standard with Windows.
They are all pretty great - I am going to start featuring them here on the robot.

um, like today I suppose.

Election 2004: The sky is going to fall!
We need to hand it to Bush and Cheney - they are really good at scaring people.
Seriously, this 'fear' thing is a great tatic, and it's effective because it's difficult to disprove.
no, really.

Google Image Search
What I was actually searching for is irrelevant, but I can tell you that it wasn't 'shovel' or 'woman'

P O N Y - woo hooo! numba one! Yeah. Wooooooo! The power...

»pony ||  10/19/2004 ||  1:53:41 PM
yay pony! what do i get for being in sixth place?
»lisa ||  10/19/2004 ||  1:54:19 PM
New York seems grumpy today? Gee, I wonder why. Really, I have no idea. Hmm... why might New York be grumpy today? Anyone? Anybody? Somebody help me out. I haven't the foggiest idea why New York might possibly be grumpy today. It's not like it stayed up all hours of the night to watch anything happen... right? Right?

»chris ||  10/19/2004 ||  1:57:06 PM
oh, sports. i forgot.
oddly, i haven't paid attention to the local sports team, so my grumpy is not due to someone scoring or not scoring points in a sporting contest.
»:r ||  10/19/2004 ||  2:00:35 PM
Woo! Jeter Swallows! Go Sox!
»dorf ||  10/19/2004 ||  2:06:32 PM
Curses! I'll get you Pony!

Crap, I should update more often. And make more friends. Or just hit reload on my own pages repeatedly?

Out of curiousity, what kind of timespan does this cover?
»stu ||  10/19/2004 ||  2:15:55 PM
Of course to make that ranking true, you'll have to weigh it against the frequency of posts made on each page.
»tim ||  10/19/2004 ||  2:25:25 PM
very valid points.
this is just from a traffic POV.
If it was from a *LOVE* POV, it would be:
1. Tim!
2. Tim!
3. Tim!
4. That page with the hot dog that turns into a baby
»:r ||  url || 10/19/2004 ||  3:53:03 PM
isn't it lambast?
»curious ||  10/19/2004 ||  4:31:41 PM
I love the fake album covers. What a cool idea. All this talk about lamblast makes me hungry.
Also, I refresh pony several times a day cuz I like to see the pictures switch. Does that count as traffic?
»pony ||  10/19/2004 ||  4:34:17 PM
lambast. you're right.
»:r ||  10/19/2004 ||  4:59:42 PM
ok - i admit it i visit my page like 10,000 times a day ... hoping that i have a coment. :r - please feel free to take me off the list i obviously have been stuffing the ballot box or whatever these web thingys are called
»k ||  10/19/2004 ||  10:14:56 PM
let's do a recount. I just saw a record number of comments on post-modern drunkard. also, let's send Pony on an extended leave of absence and see if ANY robot gets ANY hits. I predict the site will drop users like flies. Pony, you do deserve an award; such as, First Humanitarian Robot Encouragement & Beauty Award.
»vera ||  10/21/2004 ||  1:11:10 AM
What have I become? I used to be on top with letters from pat - all of Europe loved me. I was a hero to the French, the perfect gay man to those pesky Germans. Now look at me - stinkin' fourth place. I'm at war! People are trying to kill me here! Doesn't that earn ratings? Good for nothin' unpopular war - what a load of crap. I did better when i talked about eating meatloaf
»pat ||  10/22/2004 ||  5:41:35 PM
last time we sent Pony on an extended leave of absence, she went to India. And got more hits than ever. While building a multicontinental audience.

Viva la Pony!
»chris ||  10/26/2004 ||  2:23:44 AM

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