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Whoa is myself

Whoa is myself
I have a cold.
Please don't drink after me or lick the side of my face as if you were a horse and my face was a salt-lick.
Also, please don't go through my trashcan today as it is filled with used kleenex.

I wouldn't shake my hand either.
Or breathe the air near me.

Standing near me, while usually a pleasant experience, is a bad idea today.

You best would want to avoid engaging in a "spit fight" with me.

Open mouth kissing? Let's wait a few days.

Saying that I am "finger licking good" and then licking my fingers is something I advise not doing. Plus my fingers smell funny, and to top it off, I am not sure why.

During our 2pm meeting, if I sneeze on you, I am truly sorry. You might want to go walk through one of those contamination showers where they make you strip down and then they burn your clothes.
Yes, burn them.

I will promise to try to watch my intake of wine tonight so that I don't have some creepy drunken, cold-medicine freak-out in front of everyone. I also promise not to double dip my bread into the fondu cheese.
I will also try to refrain from drinking straight from the wine bottle.

How much soup is "too much" soup?

It's really green
If you notice, the air around me (my so-called "personal atmosphere") is actually colored green to represent germs.
Little frowny faced germs.
No, really.
Stand right there.

My new computer arrived Wednesday. It's quite handsome as far as computers go. It's all black and silver and minimalist.
It's really quiet - and fast as the proverbial shit.
I like it.

But, I do have a few gripes about Alienware, specifically their shipping of my robot.

1. The computer was inside of the box, braced with big Styrofoam dealies. That was fine. But the actual computer wasn't covered in plastic or anything.
The holes on the side that you use to carry the box (the hand holes? Hand holds?) - you know those holes?
You could friggin look in there and see the actual computer. You could take a pencil and poke the USB ports if you wanted. This also meant that the rain and snow and bugs and dirt from the outside could just waltz in.
Is that normal? Or am I just an anal-packaging guy?

2. They forgot to send me a power cord.
Yes, no power cord. Luckily, I was able to steal one off another machine - but still. I can't imagine the profanity and box-kicking that would of happened if I didn't happen to have an extra.

They did send me some random video cord that may or may not work with my computer.

The shipping aspect is kind of lame when you consider their awesome reputation for service and high-quality stuff - otherwise I like the machine.

Box kicking and kick boxing are different, even though they both utilize the act of kicking.

drink me! you can never have too much ;-)
»chicken soup ||  1/21/2005 ||  2:20:13 PM
that sounds like some cold. load up on the vick's vapo-rub and try some alka-seltzer cold tablets. it's a gross drink but sometimes it's all that helps me.
»lisa ||  1/21/2005 ||  3:04:38 PM
wait...bugs can waltz? wtf?
»can't dance for shit ||  1/21/2005 ||  5:17:37 PM
so which one did you get? i was looking at getting the Area 51 but i know i don't need that much flare for just surfing the web.
»k ||  1/21/2005 ||  6:12:31 PM

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