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Ahem, about your cat, Thermos

John & Tamara,
Greetings from your cat sitters!
How was your vacation to the Virgin Islands?
Did you get back safely?

Everything went fine with Thermos - that is until Saturday night. We came by around 7pm and fed and watered him and checked his cat box - he seemed fine, but a little restless.

We then went out for a dinner and movie, and later on the way home, Mrs. Robot realized that she had left her phone on the counter in your apartment.
Being that we were expecting a call regarding meeting some folks for brunch the next day, we decided to return to your place and get her phone - thinking that Thermos was probably annoyed with it's constant voicemail beeping and ringing.

We knew something was amiss when we saw people hanging out on the stoop smoking.

Allegedly, Thermos invited only three people over to watch DVDs, but then a bunch of other cats and hipsters showed up - and then things got out of hand.

We finally shut the party down at 2am (much to the chagrin of sweet Mrs. Talbot, your downstairs neighbor). Sunday, we canceled our brunch plans and supervised a very hungover Thermos as he cleaned the apartment.

We are so sorry about the bed. He promises to pay for that (how? he's a cat!).

Otherwise, I hope your vacation went well.

I hope them hipsters were litter trained
»poo patrol ||  3/1/2005 ||  2:03:19 PM
»pony ||  3/1/2005 ||  3:14:39 PM
hey thermos - let me know next time you are having a movie night, looks like fun man!
»elanamatic ||  3/1/2005 ||  4:08:10 PM
is that mrs. robot making out with someguy on the couch? wtf?
»n8 ||  3/1/2005 ||  4:33:07 PM
no way- mrs. robot only makes out with one hipster!
»mrs. robot ||  3/1/2005 ||  5:06:43 PM
Hey that's my blanket!
»david ||  3/2/2005 ||  8:08:10 AM
the black and white cat looks like my stranger kitty. i would have never guessed he was a hipster!
»liz ||  3/2/2005 ||  10:02:15 AM
Are these those cats that Sammy Davis Jr. was always referring to?
»chris ||  3/2/2005 ||  10:20:22 AM
that B&W cat is Thermos himself!
»:r ||  3/2/2005 ||  1:01:19 PM
dear Lord Robot, I am unable to respond to your e-mail as my e-mail is down for the count (I have angrily shut down lovely cube to 'teach it a lesson'); however, yes you may use the lovely flower foto. Thank you for liking it.
»kristen of solstice ||  3/3/2005 ||  11:16:34 AM
Hey, where did you get the picture of the black and white cat, looks like my lola.

Andrew McGuigan
»wiggens ||  3/4/2005 ||  2:12:15 PM
wiggy. the B&W cat, as stated above is thermos.
I got the photo by taking the photo.
of thermos.
the B&W cat.

»:r ||  3/6/2005 ||  11:27:07 AM

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