Oh me head
Funny how life can be so feast or famine sometimes. It's been a fun summer, but suddenly last week things go super busy.

Last Monday (I'm the slowest blogger ever) we went and saw the last Naked Babies show. It was great fun, even though it was only three of them.
(As seen on Flickr)

Tuesday was Raq's birthday and we all went out for drinks and then dinner at this very super fine Italian place Bianca. Lovely.
The signature dish shines like a beacon at the top of the menu: the puffy, pillow-shaped fritters known as gnocco ($8.50), served with either cured meats or a truffle-oil-sluiced stracchino ("tired") cheese... Go the route of meats, and you'll be delivered a platter containing a few slices each of prosciutto, coppa, mortadella, and, best of all, an irregular salami that I didn't recognize as being from around here. You wouldn't think light, warm fritters would go with damp, cool meats, but they do, providing the perfect counterpoint.
Bianca (5 Bleecker Street)

Let's see. Then North American corporate networks were hit with that stupid worm/virus thing, so my days at work were sucky because of the two pronged attack of knocking me off schedule for two days and then my running around helping people even though I am far from any sort of PC Support Person.

Thursday night we met Kelly, Stu, HonkyCracker, and fresh from California: Sunshine Jen. That was fun!
It was robot-a-riffic.
My favorite quote was the girl who didn't like cameras: "Oh, I forgot. You robot people always carry cameras."

In the ol' office building, we are having issues with one of the elevators having issues with it's doors closing too soon. Like murdering people it closes so fast.
Smashing their coconut heads.
Well, not really.
Even though I ride these elevators numerous times every day, I don't trust them.
That's probably a wise move.

I Drive
Friday I rented my first ZipCar (a zippy Mazada 3-something) and helped Mrs. Robot move some office stuff home.
We had dinner at Little Bistro and decided that it may be the best place in our neighborhood (not counting Grocery). After dinner we got to chat with one of the chefs, which was fun.
I think we gave him "props" and "snaps".

I like that the Puff-Puff Puffy Daddy is now known as only "Diddy".
My family will sometimes slip into goofy southern accents and call my father "Diddy".
"Diddy! Time fer dinner!"

Oh, and Saturday we had dinner at Leonardo's on Court Street. If you live in the Cobble Hill / Carroll Gardens / BOCACOCOCA and haven't eaten at Leonardo's - go!
You can sit outside have a half bottle of Chianti and eat some dope-fly old-school pizza under their grapevines.
(Leonardo's Brick Oven Pizza - 383 Court St)

Sunday night (last night, er, the night before, er, not sure what day this is) we saw the handsome Sufjan Stevens at the Bowery Ballroom. We attended this show with our pals Dan & Trina who live up the street a ways.
Sufjan and the rest of the Asphmatic Kitty bands are apparently playing something like 4 million shows in a row here in NYC and each night's show had a theme - we were lucky to attend the pirate themed evening which had all the bands wearing eye-patches and making pirate jokes.
(as seen on Flickr)
I thought of you.

What a fine show. In addition to the pirate aspect, they all wore cheerleader / pep-squad outfits with the letter "I" on them (er, for Illionoise!) and he would lead the band in cheers before the songs.

It was beautiful.
(I guess you don't use the term "period" when you are writing, but I am. To prove a point. That the show was beautiful.)

Liz Janes opened the show Sunday night.
I'm too tired to describe her music, but I found myself standing there slightly entranced.
Check out the free downloads on her site.

Monday Jen and I had lunch.
She's real nice.

That is where I have been.
How's it on your side?

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