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Hello from Afghanistan

Special Omelet Forces
No, Pat hasn't run off to Afghanistan. I have another pal who is out there protecting the ol' US of A. I don't think I will mention his name though because:

1. He once made me a mean omelet.

2. I think he does some crazy-ass super secret stuff. Possibly involving robots and/or weather machines.

He wrote me the other day.
(you said this was OK to publish, right?)

Hello from Afghanistan

As the National Assembly Elections draw near (Sept. 18) we are all on pins and needles, waiting to get blown up. Things are relatively quite (a few IEDs, a few rockets, etc.) but nothing big, nothing spectacular... which means either they've lost their enthusiasm or their waiting for the right moment.
Those wacky Taliban!!

Either way, life is stressful here... stressful in the sense that we're all waiting for "something" to happen... at least to the US Forces.
Lots of Afghans getting shot, blown up, kidnapped, etc., especially those who work with the Coalition Forces or who are running for office.
I've noticed a lot of info about what goes on here does not makes it into the news in the US.
Probably just as well.

Hey, how 'bout that Hurricane!?

The chinese proverb: pray you do not live in exciting times..

comes to mind.
»kristen ||  9/14/2005 ||  12:42:25 PM

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