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Favorite Things: July 2006

These are my favorite things for July...

Bonus Hour
Mrs. Robot left on a little trip as a part of her fancy smancy public broadcasting jet setting job. Whenever she leaves, I become discombobulated.
This morning I somehow hit my alarm clock and changed the hour from 7am to 8am. Minutes later when I come to I realize that I am really late for work. I rush around and shower and get dressed and scratch the cat's head.
It's not until I am walking through the little market with my coffee do I check my watch and realize that not only am I not late, but I am oddly early.
Bonus hour! Woo!

Big ass green soap
Mrs. Robot left a brand new bar of the big ass green soap that I love in the bathroom this morning.
Ah. That's love.

Ban Gay Marriage! Ban Divorce!
Kudos to democrapic congressman Lincoln Davis! Last week during some idiotic gay marriage debate he proposed amending the, er, amendment...

Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I think we should expand the scope of the amendment to outlaw divorce in this country. Going further Mr. Speaker, I believe in fidelity. Adultery is an evil that threatens the marriage and the heart of every marriage, which is commitment.

That is awesome.
I don't know what his actual angle is on this, but... awesome. The whole "threat to marriage" argument is so hypocritical if they don't automatically consider banning divorce.

I'd like to take it a few steps more though:
Ban rock-ish singing of the Lord's Prayer
Ban sci-fi costumed weddings
Ban writing your own vows
Ban cake face smashing during the reception
Ban police arresting brother day before wedding
Ban rock-ish singing of the Lord's Prayer that feature a guitar solo

Argentina's fun little white grape: Torrentes. This is my summer of 2006 wine. Fruit. Roundy. Perfume-y. Really cheap. Handles spicy food well enough.
I will note that my cubicle neighbor who is from argentina doesn't really like it. I get the feeling that maybe he poo-poo's it.
(Dude! That guy is pooping wine!)

Firefox is all synched up
Google Browser Synch - Holy cow how I did live without this before?
It synchs up your passwords and bookmarks (plus history and a bunch of other stuff if you desire) and then all your browsers will have the same stuff on them.
Perfect for dorks who like to use... five different computers a day.

Google SketchUp
Why haven't I finished the new happyrobot main menu page? Because of this damn SketchUp program.
I literally could spend all day making buildings and houses and other 3-D fun shapes.
(Mrs. Robot will back me up on this)

Best. Grocery. Store. Ever.
(in my opinion)

Not updating Windows
I don't. I have a bare-bones install of XP, but rarely update it with that Windows Update thing - especially after that damn "Windows Genuine Advantage" crap.
I have a firewall. Run an old copy of Norton (circa 1999). Regular router.
The last update I think was Service Pack 0.0003

Bonny Doon Riesling
Or, actually: Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Dry Riesling
This is the #2 official wine of summer 2006 in the robot household. Bonny Doon makes such great and/or fun wines and this Riesling is no exception. Serve chilly and drink it with fun food somewhere outdoors.

Nikon D70
Yea, I love it. Why did I wait until 2006 to buy one (well, cause all my money went to that other camera).
RAW files are fun.

Mom's new computer
Mom & Dad have a new computer and it's not my favorite thing per se, but it's fun trying to do tech support over the phone with them. Last night I tried to explain cutting and pasting a link.

My opinion of Earthlink, who happen to be my current ISP goes up and down (much like hemlines, which, honestly, I am happy if they just go up).
But they have won me over - at least until they accidentally shut down an email address again. I used their little livechat thing and waltzed in all bossy and was like, "Listen up internet! I got this DSL line in 1982 and have been paying 50$ for crap-ass speeds and you are now offering cheap ass super speed service to your new customers - change my ass over to that plan before I slap you (internetly that is)"

And the internet guy was like: "I am glad to inform that you can get 3 and 6 Mbps at $39.95" and I was like, "oh right then".
Even though I make work pay for it.
So, it's supposed to be 6Mbps, but right now it went up to 2722 / 617.
Which I am not complaining about.

Yea, we all love YouTube.
Currently I am a big fan of the whole playlist thing. Lookit! It's happyrobot TV!

that looks like some nice soap.

i love bonny doon too. i'll have to try the reisling. i've only had the big house white.

also, craig is addicted to you tube. and you, too.
»lisa ||  7/26/2006 ||  2:02:54 PM

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