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Dear Lisa - Did I ever tell you about my screenplay?

Dear Lisa
Happy Birthday!
I hope there is more cake on your horizon for today.

My Screenplay
Speaking of Teen Witch, did I ever tell you about my screenplay that I have been working on for the past couple of years?
It's about a war between teen werewolves and teen vampires think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets West Side Story.
Or Bram Stroker's Dracula meets Bring It On.
Or An American Werewolf in London meets Grease.

Teen vampires are always having run-ins with teen werewolves especially in the town square. Teen vampires naturally loathe the teen werewolves because the teen werewolves are always leaving half-gnawed bones and carcasses in their wake.
teen werewolves always smell vaguely of raw meat. And guts.

Teen werewolves on the other hand find teen vampires vapid and a little too prancy. Where the teen vampires like to skulk and pose in the park, teen werewolves prefer to chase small mammals and rip them to shreds.
Being covered in guts for a teen werewolf is NOT a bad thing.
On the other hand, get some guts on a teen vampire and they would be moaning about dry cleaning costs for their capes.

As a side-bar, I have to also add that teen werewolves are not alone in chiding teen vampires about their capes.
Who wears capes these days?

Teens know Drama
So, the whole plot of the screenplay is a teen vampire girl who falls in love with a teen werewolf very much a beauty and a beast situation as teen vampire girls are generally really hot and teen werewolf boys are generally kind of hairy and mangy.

The teen vampire's crossing to the other side of the town square will be the dramatic turning point (I guess all turning points are dramatic) and then there will be an all out teen werewolf vs. teen vampire war.
In the town square.
Only on evenings with full moons.

It will be awesome.
The story concludes with a lesson where the teen werewolves and teen vampires realize that war is not the answer and if they are going to make a difference in the world, they need to unite. And if the teen werewolves and teen vampires can get along, why can't the adult werewolves and adult vampires.
In that case, why can't everyone?

See. It will end on a nice high note.
It'll be the feel good teen werewolf vs. teen vampire movie of the year.

My agent is really excited!!

I would like a cameo, please
»michael j . fox ||  8/8/2006 ||  10:26:40 AM
ooops, I think I meant camaro
»michael j . fox ||  8/8/2006 ||  10:27:05 AM
that sounds like a fine fine screenplay, rich. i'm so honored that you chose to share it with the world on my birthday.
»lisa ||  8/8/2006 ||  12:55:55 PM
but what about the teen mummys and teen frankenstiens?
»k ||  8/8/2006 ||  1:34:27 PM
i wish we'd used a condom
»teen mummy ||  8/9/2006 ||  11:25:59 PM

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