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Possible topics for tomorrow's 8am staff meeting with new CEO

Possible topics for tomorrow's 8am staff meeting with new CEO (the meeting where we were told that we didn't really need to prepare anything for)

You all need to drink more.

Do you guys watch ‘Lost'? It sure is weird.

Don't be nervous about the plastic sheeting on the floor. Or the large men.

Look at all these photos on Flickr

Business casual dress is casually business-y

What's a "Stu"?

Could you all work just a little harder? Great!

Appropriate behavior regarding the office merry-go-round

You have all won a make-over courtesy of TLC's "What Not to Wear" (the puritan version of the UK one if I can throw my two cents in)

The following people are fired: You.

What is that constant high-pitched beeping?

Can someone hook up my PlayStation to the conference room projector?

Stop making out in my private executive bathroom

You guys are the best department. You're my favorite. Don't tell the others.

Our target for Q4? The sea-monster market.

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