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Random Ten? I don't even know her! (and by 10, I mean 13)

I gotta update this thing
Apparently, my robot-Pod is on "random oldish songs".

French Kicks
"Down Now"
This song kind of mopes along all curves and hills and valleys.
I like the French Kicks musically but also visually. They are kicky.

Beat Happening
"TV Girl"
Man. Beat Happening.
So fun.

"Ghost Song"
From the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Didn't see the movie (although rented it - strange but true!!)

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
"The crane takes flight"
I never knew that this was the title of the song. How odd.
This is fine Ted Leo song.
There is whistling. And rocking. And catchy chorus stuff. And an odd bagpipe-esque begining.

No Means No
From the "0+2=1" album. I went through a phase with this band/album for a few months in college when I was a DJ.
It's an interesting song. I can't describe.

"Shady Lane"
This is still a great song, but it has a bit of a dorky overtone for me b/c some folks in Wilmington wanted to do this TV show or movie or something.. and the title was "Shady Lane".
I believe there was a character that had my name...? Or am I thinking of something else?
Whatever. The whole thing came off as dorky and I probably insulted someone by calling it "dorky" twice.
(kristen: feel free to snark me)

Ben Folds
"Tiny Dancer"
Nice cover. I skipped it about halfway through because I have a low tolerance for anything Elton John related (as my sweet mom played him 24-7 when I was a pup).

Geezer Lake
"James Dean"
Hey! It's the band that robot-contributor Eric(s) played in.
What was Geezer Lake? They were kind of a loud, yelly, math-rock meets heavy metal meets crazy sideways sitting drummer meets... um.. stuff.

The Busy Signals
"The New You"
This is a happy and mellow tappy-foot song with a fun sample that runs throughout the song.
"Watch it. Watch it."
I have other stuff by this band, but this is the best track. On my robot pod. IMHO.
Kudos to random shuffle thing!

Warren G
"G'd Up Sound"
Did I just say "Kudos to random shuffle thing!"?!? You go random shuffle thing!
Woo! Woo!

Are there people who don't like Warren G? I can't imagine there would be.
(at least this early 90's stuff?)
Who doesn't like the smooooooooth Warren G and Nate Dog?

The Hives
"Introduce the metric system in time"
The Hives like to keep their songs short and punchy. Good for them.
Wilco and Sufjan should take notes.
I like the Hives. I wish they were more famous. I like their ironic Scandinavian thing and matching outfits.
That lead singer could play the young Mick Jagger if there was ever a Rolling Stones movie (and the Stones didn't play the parts themselves).

Modest Mouse
"Out of Gas"
This is from that "Lonesome Crowded West" album - a generally good album all the way through. It's even a better album if you listen to that crap-ass new album before hand.

The Kingsbury Manx
The KM are from the NC. They are super mellow. This is from their "Let you down" album which I'd recommend to anyone (who likes mellow somewhat quiet music).

oops. That was 13.

I am listening to "Slanted and Enchanted" right now for the first time...

and I don't get it.

Seriously. I just don't get Pavement. What am I missing, here? Why is this album boring me so much?!?!?!

And no, "Stu, you're a hater" is not an adequate answer.
»stu ||  12/8/2006 ||  4:30:48 PM
Conduit For Sale! doesn't do it for you? Here? In the Mouth a Desert?
»chris ||  12/8/2006 ||  4:46:28 PM
elton john sux!
»bernie taupin ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:03:56 PM
elton john's great on the piano, but he sucks on the organ.
»chris ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:12:31 PM
WAIT. For the *First* time?

Slanty Enchanty is one of my fave pavement albums.
Why you don't like Pavement, I don't know.
Maybe you are too young?
»:r ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:13:39 PM
Yes, the first time. Every time I've tried to listen to it previously, I've gotten bored and given up in a couple of songs. Because you put it on your list, I decided to try to give it a chance.

Still nothing.

Seems weird that I wouldn't like it, though. I wonder what's wrong with me.
»stu ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:15:28 PM
Umm... Stu...
Shady Lane is off Brighten the Corners.
»chris ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:32:12 PM
That brings around the four immortal questions:


Doesn't change things much.
»stu ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:38:20 PM
I love you.
»chris ||  12/8/2006 ||  5:41:25 PM

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