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Mazzy: Good Girl

Good Girl
The robot family said goodbye to Mazzy right after Christmas. She was my brother's labador retriever who also lived with my parents for a while and became their furry, brown third child. Mazzy was the first dog that my parents gave full indoor rights to.
She was sweet.

One of my favorite stories about her was when she was really young and my brother's roommate had a kitten. They were all watching TV when they saw Mazzy walk by the door carrying the kitten in her mouth.
Fearing the worst they ran after her and found that she just liked carrying the kitten around. Apparently she did this for some time.
Carrying the kitten around.

Additionally, she somehow got hit by cars three times which gave her early grey hair.
Oh, and she was scared of our grandmother.

Over this past Christmas, Mazzy wasn't doing well. She had a hard time getting around and wasn't eating much. The day after Christmas she started getting really sick and at the doctor they discovered that her esophagus was all shrunk or clogged or some other thing that makes my skin hurt thinking about.
After a bunch of other tests and many days at the doctor's office, the decision was made to put her to sleep.

She is survived by Lexie, who is apparently despondent and sits by the door waiting for Mazzy to come home.

You're a good girl Mazzy.

Aw, rest in peace, mazzy.
»pony ||  1/8/2007 ||  11:57:38 AM
good good dog face.
»lisa ||  1/8/2007 ||  12:58:16 PM
sweet Mazzy. My heart goes out to you and the robot family.
»eve ||  1/8/2007 ||  1:38:24 PM
What a sweetheart.
»jb ||  1/8/2007 ||  1:50:55 PM
good doggie mazzy!!! :(
»mina ||  1/8/2007 ||  9:56:54 PM
This totally made me cry. Rest in peace, sweet dog!
»liz ||  1/10/2007 ||  3:54:53 PM
The times, they are a-changin. Live on little mazzy starr. I've heard much about you. Good girl.

Sorry for your family's loss r:
»kristen ||  1/10/2007 ||  4:45:09 PM

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