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Spring in the house. Waving hands like I just don't care.

Spring is here
I've been busy.

Pollen + Plague
Everyone at Cubicle World Inc. is sick with some sort of snot-related illness.
All you hear is coughing, sneezing, hacking, nose blowing, sneezing.

Plague: Stay away!

Pour this
Last Friday I helped out our little wine team here at work by volunteering to be a pourer at a wine event uptown. It was an odd event (one I won't go into great detail about so as not to irk anyone involved) but, it was fun. Tons of people.
Wine was drunk and talked about and business cards were traded and all the ladies seemed to be enjoying spring.
And by "enjoying" I mean "losing their clothes".

After a late dinner/snack at Rosa Mexicano (um, yum) I was in a cab and we came across a burst fire hydrant. Burst, as in water shooting 30 feet up in to the air. The street lights shining through it.
It looked real cool.
People were all a gawking.

Also, it was a brand new cab. Had that new cab smell.

The huge line at Peking Duck HouseSaturday we pushed our way through the food festival thing in Chinatown. Our first stop was Peking Duck House and its half-hour wait to get any food.
We waited. It was tasty.
Then we sampled other peking duck variations and more little snacky things.
Good times. If you have never gone, try to go next year.
USPS: You're my only hope

With the springing of spring, we dined Saturday night alfresco with tall/short Jack/Raq and John/Tams at Robin Du Bois in their lovely backyard.
We dined on all of the major food groups and/or animals.
There were garlicky snails.

Spring Wine
I like the muscadet sur lie. Or anything white from Alsace. Or Germany. Or Austria. Or northern Italy.

Sunday: The Park! The Park!
We had a fun brunch (brunch!) at Patois, the local French place owned by Cookin' in Brooklyn / Smith Street pioneer Alan Harding. After filling our stomach with food and then going by the wine shop for wine shopping, we retired to Prospect Park where we found additional pals.

Please add your own ";LOLCAT";-esque captionPerfect weather. Snacks. Frisbees. Little biting dogs. A quart of lemonade with vodka.
Guess who got sunburned? I did. As well as everyone else.
It was as if we'd never been in the sun before.
I looked stupid.


Dear Sydney,
It's great that you love my camera.
See you soon!
Sydney: Spring (i)

Speaking of Sydney

She has her own FLICKR page.
Apparently, she thinks you point the LCD screen on the camera towards the object you want to photograph.
Hence, she only shoots photos of herself.

Earfs Day
On the morning of the earths day, they interviewed some teens on the radio. Asked why she was celebrating Earfs Day, one teen replied, "Well, the earth means a lot to me".

Tuesday night we took Tim!'s former NC pal Richard out to dinner at Quercy - a friendly, homey French place in our neighborhood.
I think it's the real sleeper hit of the hood. They also have one of the best rack of lamb I have ever munched on.
Afterwards we retired to Sample where we sipped this crazy, super-lemony liqueur. Lemony. Sweet.

This morning
Our landlord is visiting. Not us, but the building. He lives in Syria.
Whenever he shows up, all these goofy upgrades get made, including something to do with using a jack-hammer all day in the breezeway (according to Mrs. Robot). This jack-hammering somehow has done something with our hot water.
This morning we had no hot water.

It wasn't a surprise as there was a sign in the lobby last night stating
"There won't not be no hot water not today"

or something like that.
The sign, it had about a 50 double negatives. Or triple positives. Secretly, I was hoping that the sign was correct and was stating that we do have hot water.

Then I ate some banana bread that Mrs. Robot baked.

you have a wine team at work? sign me up!
»elananano ||  4/25/2007 ||  5:13:47 PM
Limoncello perhaps? The best ones are made with lemons from Sorrento. Also, it is fairly easy to make at home. mmm. i love lemons.
»eve ||  4/25/2007 ||  8:16:02 PM
OMG Sydney is so damn cute! and great with a camera. so "artsy"
»k ||  4/25/2007 ||  11:28:39 PM
Buddha! I love you guys. mother fuck, i must admit that my heart turned green GREEEN reading this. I know you hate me, but I miss the stuff you used to cause to happen and the sly ways you showed me that you hated me. hang on slang on.
»kristen ||  4/25/2007 ||  11:32:26 PM
we love sydney!
»pony ||  4/26/2007 ||  11:14:53 AM

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