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My Life of Trickery

Trickery I have employed
Tricking girls to kiss me.
Tricking girls to take their clothes off.
Tricking both sides during peace talks.
Tricking little brother into streaking through Aunt Jo's living room.
Tricking the people at America's Funniest Home Videos to think my video wasn't staged.
Tricking girls to marry me.
Tricking people to pay me.
Tricking my hairdresser into thinking that this is my normal hair color.
Tricking cats to stop chasing me.
Tricking girls to take their clothes off after marrying me.
Tricking the lunch counter lady.
Tricking out my shoes.
Tricking mice into the trap.
Tricking people to think that voting changes things.
Tricking a local sports team to either win or lose depending on what team and sport they are and if I want them to win or lose.
Tricking sharks or cougars or snakes into not biting me.
Tricking people with my spooky mind reading trick.
Tricking wrestling fans every week.
Tricking you into reading this.

Trickery employed against me
Pretending to steal my nose

Forget that. Tell us about the tricks you've turned.

With pictures.
»stu ||  6/4/2007 ||  3:02:48 PM
I too have stolen someone's nose.
»j ||  6/4/2007 ||  4:25:13 PM
It's tricky!
»run-dmc ||  6/4/2007 ||  10:15:30 PM
it's a trap!
»admiral ackbar ||  6/5/2007 ||  4:29:29 PM

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