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This was the perfect Brooklyn evening

Hello Brooklyn
Mrs. Robot is out of town which means that I have spent an inordinate amount of time standing around going "duuuuuuuuh". That's what I do when my significant (and foxy) other is away. I operate on fewer cylinders.
Granted, that is assuming that I normally operate on full cylinders.
My doctor will confirm that I don't.

My wine-y pal Seth rang me on the phone and was all like, "Let us go out tonight and do something".
We had grand plans.
Swing Dancing.
Skeet Shooting.
Saving the world.

But that all demanded some sort of organization. So we met for a drink and then dinner.
Afterwards, as we were sitting on a stoop eating an ice-thing, Seth said, "You know, this was the perfect Brooklyn evening".

I replied, "Hell yes!" and then I played a guitar solo on the guitar I had been carrying.

I give you:
"A perfect evening in Brooklyn"(*)

I took a shower. Holy moly I was filthy. There had been bike riding and house cleaning and cat box dumping. Oh, and drippy tacos.
I was.

We met for a drink at Brooklyn Social the former "social" club and now bar with bartenders who make very good Old Fashions.

We then had a drink at the retard bar. Now, none of you will know what I am talking about except for MattyJ and Mrs. Robot. And they will still be like, "what is he talking about".
And I will be like... "remember.. that bar. With the retards. Where Ellen tried to gouge my eyes out?'
And then they will be like, "Oh yea. That bar."

We went there and had a Brooklyn Weisse. The bartender had the state of Alabama tattooed on her arm.
in truth, it's all nice now. but man, back in like... 2000. it was retarded.

We went to the pizza place (Lucali!). You know, the pizza place.
On my phone it is listed as "pizza".
It's THE pizza place. You know. We took you there.
It was awesome.
Our pizza had peppers and basil.

Seth brought along a single vineyard Barbaresco. Tasty.
Actually, MF'n tasty.

There was some police situation and all these people were on the street and the cops went off chasing "those kids. The ones on the skateboards."
As the cops were tearing away to catch those kids, they almost ran over a guy on a bike.

We were walking around afterwards and we came across the place where Mrs. Robot and I get our nightly Italian ices.
Note to MattyJ fans: This is the same place his landlord owned (three landlords ago).

I had a lemon one. I see no reason to get anything else. The lemon, IMHO, is the pinnacle of ices.
Seth got something with some crap in it. Chocolate.
Or fruit. Or someshit.

We took our ices and sat on a stoop (brazen!).
Seth said, "You know, this was the perfect Brooklyn evening"(*).

(*) granted it would had been even more perfect if there was making out with ladies involved.

Note: I took no photographs. Odd.


I done mapped it all!

Then on Sunday night, I had barbeque (Eastern North Carolina style with the slaw and the beans and all that) at Matt & Jackie's place.
Sydney was also having a birthday party.
There were rubber bouncing balls everywhere.

I want to come visit in brooklyn
»pony ||  7/31/2007 ||  8:12:10 PM

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