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Smiley Smile Smile

This past weekend was very smiley.

Early Evening Sushi
Friday night we had a very early dinner at our neighborhood sushi place where we about died over the amazing-ness of their scallop sashimi (served with lemon and sea salt.) Oh, yum!
After dinner, we wandered around the neighborhood looking for dessert and ended up at the french place there on the corner with the nice pastry selections.
Dessert. Check!

For some reason, I have been longing for pastis, a liqueur I was introduced to fifteen years ago by strange old men when I had a stomach ache in France. A drink I fondly look back upon.
So, I bought a bottle of pastis.
And we rented Knocked Up - hilarious and/or great.
Dessert. Pastis. Tum full of seafood.

We had 4 million bags of crap that we needed to drop off at the Salvation Army. I rented a zipcar and went to pick up and it wasn't there.
I waited. Waited. Waited.
Car sharing has it's pros and cons. This would be the con.
Called the ZipCar people and they couldn't get in touch with the driver who had the car.
"Um, well, we only have one car available right now. It's a Mini Cooper Convertible"
(if you are keeping score, this would be a pro)


I zoomed around Manhattan and then across the bridge to Brooklyn. Top down.
Sunny warm day.
Goofball smile on face.

Absolutely. Completely. Beautifully.

Granted, there are faster cars. And better handling cars. And blah blah blah.
But, in Manhattan.
The little Mini Cooper is a force to be reckoned with.
I went fast.
I darted through traffic.
I smiled the whole time.

Hecho en Dumbo
I am glad that the happyrobots is not popular on the internets, because I can recommend restaurants and be assured that they won't become overrun with internet fans.
Hecho en Dumbo is in DUMBO. During the day it is a coffee shop. At night, it's a mexican restaurant that adores corn-masa.
Next to the Red Hook soccer fields, it is the best mexican I have had in NYC.
Pulled pork with pickled onions.
Little corn pancakes stacked tasty bits.
Coke and tequilla.

Mrs. Robot almost killed us with her enthusiasm for the menu ("OK, let's order this. And an order of this. And this. And this.")

We walked very slowly home.
I can never go back to crappy mexican food ever again.

Really nice bread + inordinate amounts of butter + jam = a fine breakfast

Sunday afternoon I spent studying in our bedroom with all windows open. The birds were crazed for some reason. Maybe because it was late October and 70-something degrees, but they were squawking and chirping like crazy people (or, um, "birds).
The cat napped.

Sidenote. This late October weather has been beautiful.
The Big Stink has been awfully pleasant this year.

Sunday night was PORK BUTT NIGHT at Momofuku Ssam Bar.
And Stu already stole my photos.
Dammmit Stu. Take your own!
I kid.
(oddly, I don't think I have seen Stu in person... in two years?)

We sat at the end of the table with Jonathan and his lovely gal-pal. For starters we had the crab legs (a bit small), tasty scallops (just right), and a brain hurtingly good apple salad.
Red zinfandel.

Then the pork butt arrived.
Bo Ssam: OysterWith oysters.
Pick up some lettuce. Dump the oysters in it. Rip some pork off and put it on top. Dollop one of the fine sauces over it all.

Many napkins were needed.
The skin was where it was at.
We ate it all.
Bo Ssam: Done!

Then we all retreated to our homes to go into coma states.

freakin' awesome

Can we PLEASE go to Hecho en DUMBO when I come to town?
Sounds like a dreamy weekend, with the exception of the pastis and pork, both of which I find icky.
I almost went to momofuku last time but there was NOTHING on the menu I could eat. I was bummed.
You have a good QofL, Mr. Robot.

»pony ||  10/22/2007 ||  5:56:37 PM
pork. icky.

yes. come to town and we eat!
»:r ||  10/22/2007 ||  11:31:18 PM
Apropos of nothing,

TAG! You're it... Details below.
»liz ||  url || 10/30/2007 ||  7:57:41 AM

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