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As a teen, I was distracted by lint

If your name was Rob and you ran a seafood shop that specialized in lobster, wouldn't it make sense to name the shop "Robster Claws"?

Near my office is this big empty space that various companies use for sample sales. This month, there is a company in there selling baby grand pianos.
The sign out front says, "Piano Sale!"

I know way too much about the B52s
A few weeks ago we went with some wine pals up to the Catskills and spent the weekend at "Kate's Lazy Meadow". The "Kate" is Kate Pierson of the popular music group, the B-52s.
Fun. We ate too much. We drank too much. We hiked too much.

Catskills: Pine Trees Hold SnowOne morning we went down to look at the river as it had snowed the night before. While down at the river... early in the morning... in the middle of nowhere.. I ran into a co-worker. Who was staying in the cabin next to us.
Smallish world.
Suffice to say, that night we had a party. With glorious food and drink. There was even an adorable little dog.

Rich Shows Off the Mod AppliancesRegarding Kate's. It's all retro and cute. There's a big book on the coffee table about the B52s. I think I read the whole thing. I am glad Fred Schneider doesn't have a mustache anymore because I just don't think that worked so well.
There's supposed to be an outdoor hot tub, which we were looking forward to. It was mentioned in our confirmation email, but was oddly empty and abandoned when we arrived.

Dirty South
Last-last weekend we had our annual family pre-thanksgiving. I mention this only because I had a grand time with my nephew (and shiny new niece) who I photographed the whole time.
Meet the Dean 1Dean: Pouting because bathtime is overSophieDean &; dad with headache
Also, he does this totally funny thing: when he gets sleepy, he will reach up and start playing with your ear. It's odd. His parents have no idea why he does it.
But it means he's sleepy.

We are sitting on the couch watching some kid TV and suddenly he's got my ear and kind of tickling it. It's totally weird and/or charming.

Multiple Choices
I am still in the midst of getting my learn on. Hence, I haven't done much on the robots because I am constantly wearing my little study cap and trying to cram things into my brain. Cram!
This "semester" it's all about growing grapes and chemistry and biology. The things that I once knew in high school and now don't.
OK, maybe I didn't know it in high school either. Especially my biology class where I was partnered with the ballet dancer girl who distracted me to no end (a story for boy's night out). Of course, at 16, I could be distracted by lint.

This weekend I took our big "practice" exam. It was tough. Do you remember anything about free molecules of sulphur dioxide? I sure don't. That is not the point.
The point is that multiple choice exams can be so tricky. My little study group met last night and we went over the exam and were shocked by the amount of questions we collectively missed just because we mis-read the question or our brain just farted. Knowing the material is only half of it. You have to decipher the sometimes tricky questions.
To summarize...

Multiple choice exams: Much trickier than they appear.

(also, I have to add that I may take up gambling as the number of correct guesses I made were impressive)
(granted, I shouldn't really be guessing in the first place)

Kate Pierson. Hot tub.
»chris ||  11/27/2007 ||  12:01:07 PM
you do the funnest things EVER!
»lisa ||  11/27/2007 ||  12:27:21 PM
Fred Schneider. Giving me a jump start.

Just imagine. There you are, stranded in the parking lot of the god-damn strip mall cinemaplex...when who should appear with some cables and a helping hand but Fred Schneider himself, with or without mustache?
I picture him calling me honey or sugar, like in 'Love Shack.'
»blaine ||  11/27/2007 ||  3:09:12 PM
Under those circumstances I would absolutely name my restaurant "Robster Claws".
»eve ||  11/28/2007 ||  2:58:37 AM
'Love Shack' is my karaoke song of choice.
»elananano ||  12/2/2007 ||  10:59:30 AM
»:r ||  8/24/2013 ||  10:19:49 PM

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