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My brother's Top Hot Hits of 2007

Late List
I like that we are still doing "Best Of" lists. The ones that came in out December always seem a little premature.
"What if something awesome comes out the last week of December???!! What if?!!!", I think.

My little brother (homeowner, father of toddlers, hard-worker) apparently found time to come up with a list of his favorite music of the past year (whereas I, rent-stabilized couch jockey didn't seem to have the time)

With out ado, I give you "My brother's Top Hot Hits of 2007"

1) Silkworm "Bar Ice"

2) Beirut "Elephant Gun"

3) Robert Pollard "Spider Eyes"

4) The Go! Team "Doing it Right"

5) Sunset Rubdown "The Taming of the Hands that Came back to Life"

6) Radiohead "All I Need"

7) Band of Horses "Cigarrettes Wedding Bands"

8) Fujiya & Miyagi "Ankle Injuries"

9) The National "Mistaken for Strangers"

10) The Besnard Lakes "For Agent 13"

11) Menomena "Wet and Rusting"

12) Arcade Fire "Intervention" tied w/ "The Well and the Lighthouse"

13) LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends"

14) Je Suis France "That Don't Work That Well For US"

15) Richard Buckner "Kingdom"

16) Iron & Wine "The Devil Never Sleeps"

17) Spoon "The Underdog"

18) Les Savy Fav "Patty Lee"

19) Art Brut "Direct Hit"

20) Blonde Redhead "Spring and by Summer Fall"

My Two Cents
I just don't like Beirut. Maybe they will grow on me. But. Yea.
For now.. I'll pass.

It feels wrong to do "Best of" lists before the year is over.

I always think of the movies released the last week of the year, just so they'll qualify for the Oscars.
»stu ||  1/11/2008 ||  12:49:56 PM
I agree with you on Beirut. I pretty much find this whole "gypsy punk" thing to be annoying.
»3pk ||  1/11/2008 ||  3:22:55 PM
I would like a mixed cd of this, please.
»pony ||  1/13/2008 ||  8:14:14 AM

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