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Distracted by distractions

Driven to Distraction
My high school reunion is coming up. I have decided to go. Woo.
The young kids in the crowd can marvel at how old I am when I tell you that it is my 20th reunion. 20.
That is a long time.

Some fellow classmates are organizing it and suddenly I am looking at lists of people from my high school days.
It is kind of wonky to see all these names again. All this stupid high school drama and baggage. All that stupid high school anxiety and insecurity.
Class warfare. Cliques. Volkswagens.

Then there is Facebook. My friend requests from former classmates has rocketed in the past week or so. The friend requests are almost a daily occurrence. Yesterday a very good friend from high school who had basically vanished after graduation found me on Facebook.
I think I was actually giddy when I got the email.

I am completely distracted right now.

I went to the dentist yesterday. I haven’t been in a while (a “while” defined as between 1 year and 50 years). I don’t like going to the dentist. Sorry dentists! Nothing personal.

In reality, I never had any major dental trauma when I was young. My childhood dentist was a friendly fellow with a booming voice. His son was BFFs with my little brother. It was all good. His complimentary toothbrushes had "Go Heels" embossed on them as he was a UNC fan.
So, I am not sure where the dental fear is coming from now. I think it is that I have been a little neglectful to my chompers and am scared what stupid damage I may have caused.

Things I was scared the dentist might say
There is a family of raccoons in your mouth.
You have tooth cancer.
Your tongue is pregnant.
When you were a fetus, there was a twin, but you absorbed him. He's living in your mouth now. His name is Gary.
All your teeth are backwards.
Your canines seem to grow longer when there is a full moon.
Your gums fell off.
You need a root canal, but we are going to have to do it through your nose.
I think you have a wicked case of beef tongue.
Someone replaced your teeth with Altoids.

Oh, so how did it go?
Fine. I have to go back today for a cavity thing. Or something.
We'll see.

We saw Wilco at the McCarren pool Wednesday night. Because I am such a downtown player, our tickets were for the “VIP” section. It was a nice space and was populated with people in their late 30’s and up who like their rock shows to have comfortable places to sit and glasses of wine to sip.
It was very... bourgeois?

How was Wilco? I was distracted. Mrs. Robot said they "rocked".

We met up with Eve of Tropical Depression (not of Wall-E). She's doing well. You know she is off to London?
Yup. Good time. I drank too much lovely pinot noir rose’ and then had a waffle and eggs for dinner at midnight. Felt great the next day.
(no, not)

Curiously refreshing.
»jb ||  8/14/2008 ||  10:27:20 PM
downtwon player. was that your high school knickname?
»n8 ||  8/15/2008 ||  7:57:23 AM
I will confirm that the Wilco did "rock". It was very fun to see some robots! Hooray VIP section-woo! The pinot noir rose was exxxcellent.
»eve ||  8/15/2008 ||  8:55:27 AM
I almost went to my highschool reunion. Then the fbook thing started. and I saw the old names and faces. And then I said: nuh-uh.
»pony ||  8/15/2008 ||  10:23:44 AM
wowsers. 20 years.

also, dentists. ick. it's all the creepy sounds at the dentists - the scraping and the whirring of the drill - eek!
»lisa ||  8/15/2008 ||  11:28:56 AM
RE: the dentist: how bad was it, honest? i am also waaaaaay behind on visits and am scared and embarrassed.

Of course, I'm also embarrassed by wasting my money on dental insurance I never use. And afraid that if I do go - oh how I'll use it then!
»blaine ||  8/15/2008 ||  11:48:29 AM
Just got back.
Face still numbish.
Teeth feeling odd. I had two cavities filled.
It didn't really hurt. Just a bit uncomfortable and heebie-jeebie feeling.

As someone who put off going for a while.. please go now. It ain't worth the trouble.
»:r ||  8/15/2008 ||  1:11:42 PM
20 year reunion? But you're still so boyish!

How many times will people comment that it's so nice that you came with your parents to their high school reunion?
»stu ||  8/16/2008 ||  3:22:21 PM
u just reminded me i have to make an dentist appt. eek!
»elananano ||  8/19/2008 ||  4:42:50 PM

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