Get Away
From time to time, Mrs. Robot and I like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a weekend taking it easy.

On Tuesday Mrs. Robot sent me a link to a place that rents cabins a few hours outside the city. It’s normally a summer retreat area, but apparently in the winter time people like to rent them because it’s quiet and deserted. I rented a cabin. You couldn’t do the actual transaction online, so I had to call them to reserve one. The guy that runs the place was really hard to understand… like he had a speech impediment or something.
I will call him “Mumbly Joe the Cabin Guy”!

Mrs. Robot realized that the cabins have three bedrooms, so she thought it might be fun to invite some other people up. She called some of her sexy lady friends to meet us up there. Unfortunately, one of the sexy lady friends has this very pompous, arrogant boyfriend who just drives me crazy.
I was like, “Yay Sexy Ladies” and then “Boo Arrogant Boyfriend”.

We rented a little yellow Mini Cooper to drive up there. I heart that car so much. So speedy. It’s like a little rocket on rails (a little rocket on rails that we filled with old Champagne and potato vodka).

The directions to get up there were a little wonky. As I mentioned the guy on the phone was a bit hard to understand and the directions seemed way too complicated. Unfortunately, the roads up here are not really on Google maps, so the phones didn’t help in the navigating (not that we have service in the first place).
Speaking of Google, Mrs. Robot, who was researching the area before we left, swears that this is near the lake where all those sexy teens were murdered almost twenty years ago.

But, yea, it took us much longer than the “two hours” we thought it would take.

They beat us!
So, I am writing this on my laptop in the cabin. We’ve been here about an hour and made a fire and everything. It is cozy up here.
Some of Mrs. Robot’s sexy lady friends actually beat us up here. This is the strange part: their car is outside and their luggage is in the cabin, but they aren’t here. And there is no note.
Maybe they went down to the lake to go ice skating?
Isn’t it too dark to ice skating? Maybe they brought another car and went into town to buy some groceries?

Who knows.

The snow is pretty deep and there are footsteps all around the cabin so I can’t really tell which direction they may have gone in. Oh, and one set of footsteps appears to be made by someone with a peg leg??!?
I smell a practical joke here!

Have you seen the full moon tonight? It is awesomely large.
Mrs. Robot is rolling her eyes at me as I keep complaining about the dirty windows in this cabin (I’m trying to photograph the moon through them instead of going outside –um, because it’s cold as crap).

This may sound crazy, but I think I am going to go outside and clean a few of these windows. They are ridiculously filthy.

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