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Fancy Cat & Sex Wishes

Sex Wish!
All weekend I had been joking about the headline on the new Cosmo magazine (or is it Cosmopolitan) declaring that it knew “His #1 Sex Wish!”. This of course is stupid because Cosmo is assuming all men are the same and that their sex wish numero uno is all “having sex in a tie fighter”.

But, seriously. My joke was that my #1 sex wish was “having sex”. I kind of want to pick up the copy at the newsstand near my office and actually see what the #1 sex wish is.

10:28pmBut, seriously. The other night someone (was it you?) said that they knew someone who had worked at Cosmo and that every month was just a recycle of articles and tips from their vast database of pointless articles and tips. Hilarious. I bet this doesn’t happen at Cat Fancy.

Fancy Cat
Did I mention my cat has cancer? I like to mention that to solicit ironic sympathy. Mrs. Robot and I want to organize Kitty Cancer fundraisers to help raise money to help cats with cancer. Or to help fund cat cancer research. Did I mention that we once took the cat to a kitty oncologist? Who’d thunk.

The thing is, her regular kitty cancer doctor (yet another kitty oncologist) has told us that she needs to keep her weight up during her ongoing chemo treatment so we pretty much feed her whatever the hell she wants now. Originally we had been feeding her various fancy cat foods made from free-range fish or saltwater chickens but she has slowly gotten bored with those so we have been progressively moving from blue state cat food to red state cat food. Or junk cat food. Right now she can’t get enough of this Fancy Feast stuff – I’ll spare you the description except to say that it is quite goopy. So Goopy.
Why did I mention this? Oh, right.

Birthday Cat
Today is our cats birthday – or at least the day we estimate to be her birthday. We determined this my measuring the amount the amount of global animal aloofness and going back in time we saw a decrease on this day 17 years ago so we came to the conclusion that this must have been the day she was born.

Tonight we’ll order in sushi and get extra sashimi for her. Tuna. Shrimp. Mackerel.

Hitting Bottom
Writing about your cat’s birthday on your ‘blog’. Yup.

Oh, and Tacos.
The other day we (along with Senor Stuart) traveled up to the exotic Upper East Side for dinner at Cascabel Taqueria. It’s new and shiny and they do traditional Mexican dishes with modern touches. Or post-modern. Hard to say.
The Sopa De Tortilla: chicken soupy delicious. I could eat this everyday. So filling and warm and comforting and spicy.
Gorditas Con Puerco: pure juicy porky deliciousness paired with cucumber and a sweet glaze.
Tacos: slightly fancy and modern interpretations and all were awesome. We had the roasted shrimp (Camaron), veal tongue (Lengua), Carne Asada, the pork butt (Carnitas), and the Chorizo.
Holy moly. I think my faves were the shrimp and the carnitas. Or shrimp and the carne asada.

Best tacos in NYC?
Quite possibly.

Happy birthday, robotcat!

No cat birthday mix this year?
»chris ||  11/17/2009 ||  6:47:47 PM
I wish you could've separated the cat food talk from the taco talk a little more.
»lisa ||  11/17/2009 ||  10:04:59 PM

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