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Rest in Peace Kero Kitty

Rest in Peace Kero Kitty
Our poor cat was euthanized this morning. She had quit eating and drinking due to cancer popping up in her saliva glands. She was losing weight quickly and her back legs were wobbly due to the cancer she already had.
It was heartbreaking.

So, at 10am I took her in for an appointment with her oncologist at the wonderful VERG - our local 24-7 emergency veterinarian office (I can not rave about them more). They did a routine check on her and if there was ever a doubt that I was doing the correct thing it was then because she wasn't responding at all to being poked and prodded. It was already a funny joke with our vets because Kero would always put up a fight when they were checking her out, but she would protest the most when the stethoscope came out. Sure, she didn't care for the thermometer up her butt or prying her jaws open to look into her mouth. But holy crap you were not going to listen to her heart! That was the last straw. Many vet technicians were maimed (for real).

They wrapped up her in a big soft towel and I held her and scratched her head. The process was quite quick and I felt her just slowing down and then you could tell something had changed.
She was gone.

They do this little clay paw print thing for you, which is heartbreakingly sweet. She's being cremated.

1992: Kero KittyKero Kitty was a good cat. She didn't get in an excessive amount of trouble.
Wait. Sorry. I shouldn't be quoting Ice Cube when talking about my cat.
In 1992 we were coming home from a rock show. It was in the fall and already chilly. As we were all chattering on the way up to the house I heard a tiny meow. In the bushes was a tiny little grey cat. I think I said, "you want to come in?"
Note that this wasn't even my house. I'm kind of a jerk that way.
The little kitten bounded over and up the stairs in to the house. And that is basically how we got her.

She moved with Rachel (aka Mrs. Robot) and I after college down to Wilmington and then up to Brooklyn where she spent most of her life. Her first year or two in NY were crappy as she had male cat roommates who harassed her to the point that she stayed in the bedroom all the time.

But everything finally worked out.
She enjoyed our sunny bedroom where she could watch the birds. She was aloof and stubborn. She loved tomato sauce, pound cake, pastry crumbs, and of course sushi. In the winter, if she wasn't in her bed that was on top of a radiator pipe, she would be in my lap (only if I was quietly sitting on the couch and didn't bother her too much). On cold nights, she slept on my legs.
She was not shy in dispensing justice with her claws - as a few mice found out.

She wasn't sweet and cuddly - but that was kind of her charm (I think she may have been snarky, actually).

I will miss her greatly.

Rest in peace Kero
I hope there is a kitty heaven and you are hissing at everyone already.

1995: Kero. Paw.

Cross Processed Kero

Kero: afternoon sun

Cat: Hiding Place

This is very sad. 17 years is a good run for a cat, but still...

I'm sorry for your loss. Kero was a good cat.
»stu ||  3/24/2010 ||  12:22:09 PM
So sorry to hear this. Miaow.
»cromulent ||  3/24/2010 ||  12:23:14 PM
Terribly sad. I'm so sorry.

»eve ||  3/24/2010 ||  12:31:15 PM
Oh poor sweet Kero. I am so sorry. She had a good life with you two.
»pony ||  3/24/2010 ||  12:35:50 PM
v. sorry. but happy in the way she despises me in every photo, so much so that i feel her disdain in my tail.
»n8 ||  3/24/2010 ||  12:46:29 PM
Very sorry, Rich & Rachel. Kero had great parents.
»jb ||  3/24/2010 ||  1:38:17 PM
You gave her a wonderful life. and vice versa. Oh no, here comes the waterworks...
»lisa ||  3/24/2010 ||  2:21:22 PM
Oh geez, Rich. I'm so sorry.
»chris ||  3/24/2010 ||  4:16:13 PM
I get upset just thinking about doing this one day. Sorry to hear she's gone.
»tim ||  3/24/2010 ||  5:03:43 PM
Dude, that sucks. I'm sorry for your loss.
»matty j ||  3/24/2010 ||  5:07:50 PM
so sorry :( not supposed to cry at work . . .
»klutch.xls ||  3/25/2010 ||  9:30:04 AM
It sounds like she had a great life and lived it well. I am sorry for your loss.
Be well until you meet again at the rainbow bridge.
»de ||  3/26/2010 ||  10:00:46 AM

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