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I think I am a lame halloween-er. Even as a kid, I never ran around like a nut and egged houses or anything. The combination of being the eldest son and my parent's having half a brain I suppose equaled them keeping me on a short leash on Halloween night.

Highlights of past halloween's in no order:

1. Haunted house that we had in the 8th grade. My girlfriend Alicia and I happened to get stuck working behind the scenes, literally. Behind a huge wall and we had to pull strings or something.
Perfect make-out opportunity, yes? Well, no, I was too shy to even kiss her. I have no idea why.

2. Trick or Treating with friends once – got smacked with an egg on my leg

3. For many years, I was a ‘punk rocker', but in reality I was more of a ‘new waver'. I had green metallic hair spray, ripped t-shirt, fingerless black gloves, and these pretty cool black wrap-around glasses. I did this for halloween for many years. Much to my current relief, there are no photographs of this.

4. Most memorable had to be my Stormtrooper costume. Cool mask, but annoying outfit with a Stormtrooper on it and the words "Stormtrooper" across the top. My brother and I played with the costumes for days after that.

5. Vampire. Did that a lot.

6. In college, I did more concepts pieces. Highlights included ‘Evils of Malt Liquor', ‘homophobic', and ‘kicking ass'.

7. My friend George and I would do a haunted house thing at his house sometimes. He had this great yard that was all trees and bushes and stone walls that allowed us to set up lots of spooky things. Built a little ghost that would zoom across the yard on a pulley. Plastic snakes would slither across the sidewalk. Once, someone's mom yelled at us because of the snake – I remember hearing her screeching, "GEORGE!! DO YOU HAVE REAL SNAKES OUT HERE!!!".
Once, the neighborhood pretty girl came by and we were all a flutter. We rushed downstairs to intercept his mom and allow us to hand out the candy.

8. Late one night, I was looking out the window and saw some neighborhood toughs (Rob was one of them) walking down the street. A neighbor had some tree limbs piled up on the corner, and they took them and put them in the middle of the street – no way!

Tonight we are going to an ‘eighties' halloween party. I think I have run out of time in terms of figuring out a costume, so I am sure I will be there wearing what I wore to work. I am lame.
I should do something cool.
I should do lots of things.

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