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Happy Consumer

Picture Monkey
Our friend Evan (F) is hosting a new feature here on the robot - "Picture Monkey". Evan's tool of choice is a 60's-era Polaroid Land Camera, one of the more underrated types of cameras in my opinion. The first couple of weeks will be a personal greatest hits of his, and then he will turn it into a photographic weblog.
I should have done this years ago.

Happy Consumer
Corporate America should be embracing me. I am a good consumer.
Throughout my life, there have been objects that I have fallen in love with.

As a child, there was my red lunchbox, my first (digital) clock radio, my first real bike (still have it), my first real stereo, my first real camera, my first computer and then 12 years later another first computerů

These were the objects that I totally fell in love with - the items that make it hard for you to concentrate on other things.

Friday night we were walking up Prince Street and noticed a long line in front of the Mac Store. They had closed the store and were about to reopen it for a one time sale that night.
Lucky for me (unlucky for my bank account) they had their I-Pods on sale, so I bought one.

It is so damn neat.
Wow. It is really neat.
I am almost giddy.

I also learned that my firewire card on my computer has 4 ports on it. Isn't that the nuttiest? I have used it before, but mainly with our DV camera, and hadn't thought much about it. Very cool.


I was laid off back in January 2002 and subsisted on freelance work and unemployment. I've been working full time as a contract employee since July and last Tuesday they made me a job offer for a permanent position.
So, I am back to a normal job thing.
Wish me luck.

I have been in a rut for the past week or so. Hopefully I will be back into the swing of things in the next couple of days.

We don't go home for Thanksgiving. I recently realized that I didn't really know why we don't go home. We don't come from a broken home or have family spread out over thousands of miles.
We like our families.
The very first Thanksgiving in NYC we stayed in the city. I had just got an apartment and a roommate (Mike & Bean) and our friend's Mark and Kristen had also just got an apartment.
We invited Mike over and cooked a real live turkey and trimmings at Mark+Kristen's place - the only problem being that they had no furniture whatsoever so we ate on the floor. Mike brought a bottle of Bushmill's irish whiskey.
It was fun.

This year we once again ate with Evan+Joanna. Joanna cooked another amazing thanksgiving with everything homemade.
She rocks.

Happy ipodding!
»javasquid ||  12/2/2002 ||  12:35:34 AM
Congrats on the job thing and good luck getting out of the rut. If I wasn`t going away, I would have a serious bout of winter blues.
»potro ||  12/2/2002 ||  10:22:02 AM

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