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Question for Friday: happyrobot as a crime syndicate

Question Posed for Friday
Hello kids. I had this great set of questions lined up for this Friday, but I totally forgot them.
But, man, they were good.

Like an angel (or angle), Klutch swoops down with a question that is even better than the one that I forgot. You may ask, "how do you know it's better - you can't even remember your question"

I just know. It's what they pay me for.

"Who pays you for that? What are you talking about?"

At this point, I mumble something and stumble away hoping that you won't notice.

From our pal Klutch comes the question for Friday:

so, if the Robot was a cracker-jack crime syndicate, and everyone had one criminal thing they were the best at (like a safe cracker, getaway driver, muscle, etc.) what would you be?
Would you have a nickname?

Thx Klutch! You are a real angle and sweatheart!

we already HAVE nicknames.
»pony ||  12/4/2003 ||  3:08:50 PM
not criminal nicknames..
»:r ||  12/4/2003 ||  3:09:56 PM
names like Wrench or Skinny Pete or Black Mamba snake are usually what the crackerjacks go for!
»qdog ||  12/4/2003 ||  4:00:09 PM
I'd be Ol' Dirty Binx the pseudo left handed drunk, and I'd knock people off.

»binx ||  12/5/2003 ||  9:50:31 AM

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