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Hello Noise!

Noise be gone!
What in the world is going on in my normally peaceful neighborhood?!
We have been suffering from the music of Mr. Loud-Ass-Classical-Music-24-7 man for the past couple of weeks.
Mr. LACM247-man is nice enough to keep the music down during the day, but as soon as midnight hits, he cranks it up. Now, I don't mind classical music one bit, but when I close the windows, and it doesn't help at all, well, we got a problem.

Mr. LACM247-man lives on the other block (on Warren Street) and we share the backyard. Interestingly, many mornings when I awake and open the window, the music is still on.

In the big-stink, we have the service called 311 - it's a non-emergency line you can call for stuff like pot holes, garbage collection questions and noise complaints.

According to their site, you can also report disorderly youths - sweet!
Report quality of life complaints, such as loud noise, blocked driveways, disorderly youths, among others.

Regarding Music
Sometimes i think 'challenging' really means 'badly edited'

Back to Noise
My question is this: Does he think this doesn't bother his neighbors?
What kind of person would blast music for 8 hours straight out his window?

Well, other than 18 year old me that is.

Public apology
I am sorry to all the neighbors I had during the years 1988-1992. Yea, I don't what I was thinking.
Well, no, I do. I was thinking, "Oh hell yea, everyone will enjoy hearing this new 7-inch I bought - even the old people next door."

Waiting Room
The waiting room for my doctor is the same waiting room for the "ma, i told you, she knows Maria, too. I told her that you knew her brother Tom. Now when you were in the ladies room, they called your name. No, ma, just go up to the desk and let them know you are here" office.

Then there's the couple that just came in.

Woman (speaking to nurse): i have an appointment for four and a half

man (across room): no, it's for 4:45

"four and a half"
what planet talks like that?

Speaking of Neighbors

He talks on the phone in our building's breezeway while wearing only a bathtowel.

Kottke's stompy neighbors remind me of mine.
His post: A home where the buffalo roam noisily
the woman upstairs, who just recently moved in, has been holding some sort of ballroom dancing function in her bedroom -- which just happens to be above mine -- at 7:15 am

My Poem: My Neighbors - the ones upstairs

Sign this petition!
I have a few folks on my email list who still send out these goofy '99% of the time hoax' emails. Yesterday I got the one about:
I told this guy that I could find 300 people who believe in God before he could find 300 people who do not believe in God. If you believe in God, please copy and paste this onto a blank e-mail form (leaving off the headers). Add your name, and send it to your friends and family

Lovely. I googled it and (naturally) the snopes site was the first result. I thought their explanation of it was pretty funny and smart-alecky.
anyone considering that maybe the 300 signatures would be used to convince the other fellow that he should believe in God and thus that the signer is taking part in bringing a troubled soul to religion should quickly be struck with the realization that belief in a supreme being is not triggered by the presentation of a certain number of e-signatures. While it is true folks have come to an awareness of God in any manner of unusual ways, we've yet to hear of anyone who was e-petitioned into it.

dumb stoner kids
Somehow I found myself reading Chapel Hill newsgroup postings from 1995 and came across a nice post raving about Geezer Lake:
a near-mint copy of Geezer Lake's long out-of-print debut, "Field Blister," which I snagged for the princely sum of $2...

But for now, this Geezer Lake is making me feel very purty in my own
eyes, so I'm going to go and molest myself.

Welcome to Yemen! What? Huh? Speak up!
We have lived here for five years, and the only thing that hasn't changed is the noise coming from one apartment downstairs. The apartment is rented by an older couple from Yemen (I believe kissing grandpa is the one on the lease) and they sublet it out to families who come from Yemen. It's a nice system in all actuality - they kind of run a half-way house for people moving to the US.
So, I'll give them that.

Oh, right, the noise. Lord. I don't want to come off as anti-Yemen, but that must the loudest country in the friggin world.
When we run into the families in the hallway they have always been very polite and well mannered - but come about 9pm it is all screaming.
  • Children screaming (that was big last summer).

  • Men screaming (seems to be the thing for this summer).

  • Women screaming (the first summer).

  • Screaming into cell phones while leaning out windows (oh, that was the worst).

  • Teens screaming with crappy pop music (ok, no, that was the probably the worst)

  • The children screaming last year was the most disturbing - we'd sit here and realize the kid had been screaming for 2 hours straight and think, "um, should we call the cops now?"
    But it happened every night, so it just became the background noise for our Belle & Sebastian cds.

    The crazy lady downstairs yelled at them once saying, "If you're going to kill those kids - get it over with".

    Bless her.

    you know the mayor was on tonight's news talking about how he is now going to tackle the noise complaints in the city since it's the #1 complaint on 311 .... i have a group of kids outside my window playing craps every night and a guy that i can only assume works at a bar or nightclub announcing to the building that he has arrived home at 6am Ö. donít you just love NYC in the summertime?
    »k ||  6/8/2004 ||  12:16:26 AM
    if you're gonna' get wet, you're gonna' need a towel.

    wanna get high?
    »towelly ||  6/8/2004 ||  7:01:49 AM
    i wish my town had a teen hotline!

    »mr. xls ||  6/8/2004 ||  8:10:51 AM
    i love the cell-phone talking towel wearer photo! with the trash can tops and concrete walls, he looks like a scene out of some sort of twilight zone episode!
    »lisa ||  6/8/2004 ||  8:14:07 AM
    oopse . . .i posted too soon, before reading you column . . . a word of advice . . .

    don't mess with Yemen . . . seriously . . .
    »mr. xls ||  6/8/2004 ||  8:14:15 AM
    one more thing: i've always left notes for loud neighbors (because i'm too chicken to talk to them face to face). nine times out of ten, the notes embarrass them into being quiet. there have been a few times when the notes make them louder. damn neighbors!
    »lisa ||  6/8/2004 ||  8:16:47 AM
    that picture is the best!
    My pet peeve is those guys who blast their music in their cars with such a reverberative bass, my heart hurts and my windows shake.
    »pony ||  6/8/2004 ||  2:08:29 PM

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