Lisa says eat
We had a lovely breakfast-brunch type meal with Lisa and Craig last weekend.
Here are some more things about Lisa:
1. Her dog IS well behaved
2. Craig makes fine waffles
3. We ate a lot
4. Then we bought socks

Many things about Eric & Reba's wedding in A.D.D.-friendly list form
1. Go-Karting the night before with all the guys was great fun. I think we all left thinking, "Damn, I'm good - I could race for a living".
Or maybe that was just me.

2. It was a bit of a mini-robot party as well. Attendees included Kristen, Eric from Boston (no, not Erik from Boston), former John Ball now known as Evan Smith Rakoff, Scott the owner of the best hosting company ever, and of course Teen News Eric.

3. Everybody at the wedding was pregnant. It seemed.

4. My pal Mark had a cool little square camera.

5. There was, of course, karoke the night before the wedding.

6. For the wedding ceremony, Reba came in as they played (as described by scott): the theme from the end of Star Wars when luke and han are being presented with their "thanks for blowing up the deathstar" trophies.

7. They wrote their own vows, and they were very nice (I have heard some real stinkers before).

8. They played the same Star Wars song after the ceremony as Eric and Reba were walking out. This was all played by Eric's brother-in-law and Eric's nephew on trumpets and tubas.
After the Star Wars song ended, they played a medley of gangsta rap songs.
On the trumpet.
And the tuba.

9. Their cake toppers were Han & Leia (I believe it was "Cloud City Leia" and "non-vest wearing Han"). Their cake was delicious cup cakes.

10. Our pal Mark did a toast and brought up the fact that as teens, Eric had the chance to go off and play in a band with some older kids - and Mark made him promise him not to forget him and Star Wars.

He tied this in to Eric now getting married and added that, "I'm not losing a Han Solo, I'm gaining a Princess Leia"

11. There was an after party hot tub / pool party. It was great fun.

Everyone looked great and it was a super fun time. I didn't end up getting in a fist fight, either.
Hey! Here's Robbie's photos!

In regards to the hot tub / pool party, immediately after getting out of the water, my eyes felt stingy like they do when you swim.
My left eye kept hurting.
I went to the doctor and I have a sty.
My eye looks F'd up.
I may go buy an eye patch.

About Styes
Styes usually heal on their own within 5-7 days. My doctor said they almost like a pimple on your eyelid.
They are caused by bacteria (um, I got my in a pool and hot tub - eecccch).
Keeping your eyeball clean and applying hot compresses to your eye seem to help.
Wine does as well.
The sty has made me feel lethargic all week and I feel like I have a huge goiter on my face - but people tell me it's really not that noticeable.

Damn, Little Bro
I got a call Tuesday night on my cell from my brother. He never calls my cell.
"WTF", I thought.

He was calling to tell me that, like everyone else in the world, he had knocked up his wife.

Congrats little brother. Congrats Suzy sister-in-law.

I get to be an uncle!

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