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The Dangerous Sports Club
Regarding the Olympic luge competition, it just looks like some guys hopping on a fancy sled and zooming down a hill and then just hoping the thing doesn't wreck. In other words, it just doesn't look like there's a heckuva lot of skill or strategy involved. Just luck. I know I must be wrong, but I'll be stuffed full of ham and labeled a traitor if I didn't speak to the contrary.

Now, The Dangerous Sports Club (who really exist) are infinitely more fun to watch. Do a Google search on them and take your pick. They're the originators of what we now call 'extreme sports' and they do it with with a generous helping of absurdity. Graham Chapman (the dead guy from Monty Python) used to be a member. I saw him give a lecture at UNC-Chapel Hill back in '89 or so, and he showed a documentary about the DSC. They have an annual meet where the object is to ski down a huge mountain, but there has to be something between you and your skis. And they almost ALWAYS end up wiping out BIG TIME.

One guy went down on a grand piano, wearing a tuxedo and playing a ditty on it as he whooshed his way down the mountain.

One couple went down on a canopy bed. Underneath the sheets, you could see them miming the good ol' "humping action" as their bed careened towards it's horrible fate. Luckily, they weren't hurt...bad.

One guy went down on a big pink plastic elephant, until the elephant threw him off and continued it's way down the mountain solo, with the poor man chasing after.

A woman went down on a carousel horse (if you know what I mean).

Currently, their big thing is human catapulting. There's a nice picture of this here

So anyway, my point again is that the luge is just no damn good. If you're going to have a sport that seems to rely more on luck than skill, why not do it the DSC way?

Good night.

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