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As For This Whole Corporate Thing
I saw an ad on a streetpost in the city yesterday that said...

"From Martha Stewart to Enron...Why Capitalism Doesn't Work"

I think the correct title for this seminar should be "HOW Capitalism Works".

Personally, I never realized that capitalism was supposed to be about honesty and fairness. I thought it was all about doing whatever you had to do (short of inflicting physical pain on others) to get ahead and make a profit. I think people put too much trust in corporations. I find it interesting when people act surprised and shocked when the company they've worked with for 25 years suddenly ups and moves to Mexico to save money by paying people 25 cents an hour. Hey, if it helps the bottom line, and there are people who are willing to work for that kind of dough, who's to prove 'em wrong? Besides, corporations aren't here to be your friend/family. It's nice to think they are, much as it's nice to think there's a god who takes care of us and has decent people suffer violent deaths because he needs them in heaven. Corporations are here to make money (no news there). I'll save my expectations of decency, fairness and tact for my personal relationships. I'll always expect to be kicked squarely in the balls by any relationship that's based on cash.

If a company does something that's truly bad, it'll come back and bite 'em in the ass. Alas, the definition of 'bad' varies wildly.

Take for example the whole Mom n' Pop vs. Walmart thing. If it were TRULY a major concern to the population of a town that Walmart not take over and put the Mom n' Pop store out of business, then it wouldn't happen. Alas, Walmart always wins. The thought of Walmart crushing the little guy is depressing, yes, but the reality is that they're pretty damn convenient. At least that's what the majority of the free-thinking public thinks. Otherwise, Wal-Mart would tank.

On a lighter corporate note, when are we going to have some variations on the fabulous "Casual Friday" in the evil workplace?

How about "Talk Like a Robot" Friday?

Heck, anything to break the monotony of everyone moping around as per usual.

I'm also a big fan of "CAUSAL Friday".

Or we could always combine the two and have "Causal Robot Fridays", where everyone in the office expresses or indicates cause in a monotone 50's robot voice. I think that would work just fine. about "Hop On One Foot" Friday? Who wouldn't want to go to work on a day like that?

Speaking of which, I got work to do.

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