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A Few Words About Our Vast Cosmos

If there is intelligent life out there in the universe, I wonder if they
really have pointy heads and fly around in saucer-shaped vehicles.

And I wonder if they have their own sci-fi movies.

And if they have their own sci-fi movies, I wonder if the aliens in those movies resemble us.

Are the aliens in their movies almost always depicted as beings of sub-par intelligence, and with a sterotypical cluelessness as to how all living beings can co-exist in all-encompassing peace.

And I wonder if the aliens wear clothes.

More specifically, business suits.

And I wonder if they have mundane jobs.

And if they have no idea how to travel billions and billions of miles in the name of bringing destruction to others.

I'm willing to wager that our sci-fi movies are more entertaining than theirs.

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