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From the producers of Are You Hot? comes America's next big program.

Yes, it's Are You Infected?

Part beauty pageant, part clinical exam, it's the new reality show that
asks one simple question: "Are You Infected?"

The brain child of Mike Fleiss, the man behind "The Sick Bachelor," "Are
You Infected?" will line up the country's most under-the-weather men and women to be judged by a celebrity panel. Then America will vote on the final two, Mr. and Ms. 'Hot', who will split $100,000 in doctor's fees.

"Extra" was at the open casting call in New York, where thousands lined up to prove they could heat up the freezing rectal thermometers. But do they have it? Senior producer Jennifer Bresnan says it's not based on test results alone. She says, "testing positive is such a broad term that you can't really define it. We're looking for people who aren't necessarily overtly sick."

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