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You know, that Ally McBeal was a fine show, and now that it's gone I'll miss it even more. Sitting here in my go-cart, out of gas with nowhere to go, I can't help but think back on the many wonderful elements that made it such a great show.

Here are ten priceless moments I won't soon forget from the Ally McBeal Show...

1) The one where Ally was happy about something and went to the unisex bathroom and danced around to a Motown classic that was playing in her head when, unbeknownst to Ally, another employee of the lawfirm walks in and she spins around and sees the other employee and suddenly stops dancing and the music cuts off abruptly, accompanied by the sound of a record needle being violently removed from a record.

2) The one where the sensible lawyer guy was stating his case in court and his nose started to make a funny whistling sound, much to everyone's chagrin!

3) The one where Ally was visibly REALLY mad at someone, and when the person she was mad at was looking the other way, Ally suddenly sprouted devil horns and her tongue lashed out of her mouth and her eyes bugged out of her head, and then when the person turned back around Ally looked normal again.

4) The time when Ally had the hots for a male employee of a rival law firm, and when he wasn't looking, Ally and some of her female cohorts suddenly appeared as dogs, with their tongues hanging down to their feet, panting wildly, and their hearts could be seen pounding a good 5-6 inches out of their chests and their eyes bugged out of their heads, and then the sexy male lawyer turned back around and Ally and her friends all looked normal again.

5) The one where Ally was despondent about life in general, and at the end she put on some cute pajamas and went to bed and an inspiring song played as it started snowing outside.

6) The one where the annoying blond woman says something completely inapropriate in front of the wrong person.

7) The one where Ally was despondent about men in general, and at the end she put on an entirely different set of even cuter pajamas and went to bed with a wistful look in her eye as the camera panned outside her window to show us that it beginning to snow outside.

8) The one where Ally's ex can't figure out who he loves more, his wife or Ally.

9) The one where Ally has a crush on a really cute guy from another law firm and we see a bunch of arrows fly in from out of nowhere and hit her square in the chest!

10) The one where the brutally truthful lawyer guy says something brutally truthful to someone, and at first the person looks offended by his comments, and then the truthful lawyer eases the tension by merely saying, "Bygones" before walking off.

Farewell Ally and friends! We hardly knew ye. And tell Harrison I said hello.

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