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bizarro world the bible: a book review by herschel weiner

the way i see it: 10 prayers god always says yes to
so there's this new book out called '10 prayers god always says yes to'. beliefnet had a feature on it.

i don't want to offend anyone, but the 10 prayers simply hit me as goofy in that you could substitute the word 'god' in these prayers with zeus, mother nature, the memory of a loved one, or anything you wanted to believe in and get the very same results. in fact, most of these do not require a belief in anything to obtain. i.e. you can gain wisdom, have good come from a bad situation, get through suffering, witness generosity, find peace, courage, wisdom, and destiny (if there were such a thing), without belief in any divine or supernatural force or being.

God, Show Me That You Exist
God, Make Me an Instrument
God, Outdo Me in Generosity
God, Get Me Through This Suffering
God, Forgive Me
God, Give Me Peace
God, Give Me Courage
God, Give Me Wisdom
God, Bring Good Out of This Bad Situation
God, Lead Me to My Destiny

seems to me that these 10 satisfaction guaranteed prayers point more to the fact that prayers are not answered (at least not the difficult ones) at all. or that, at least, with these, one can convince his/herself that prayers are indeed answered, even though the outcomes of all of these (except the first, obviously) exist in every day secular life.

i could ask a frog to lead me to my destiny (if i even believed such a thing existed), and, lo and behold, the frog would lead me there. you will get through suffering in life, or you will not. and if you die, then, well, you got through it didn't you? a frog will get you through this hard time, if you ask him. you can gain peace, wisdom, and courage without asking anyone for it. by simply living another day with a positive attitude, you are certain to gain all three without even wasting the energy to think about it. and, it seems that good comes out of any bad situation, regardless of asking anyone or anything for it. it may be minor in relation to the awfulness of the worst situation you can imagine, but good is there. there are no absolutes in human experience.

except maybe that these prayers will absolutely work no matter what you pray to.

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bizarro world the bible: a book review by herschel weiner

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