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the records i loved in 2007 religious intolerance

the way i see it: the pot calling the kettle black
it's been weeks since stanford scientists published research providing extensive support for the theory that humans originated in sub-saharan africa and radiated outwards. yet, i am still giddy over the news.

i'm currently in the middle of reading the 2004 book 'blood done sign my name', a memoir about the murder of an oxford, nc black man by a white man and his sons in 1970. the book is a fascinating snapshot of race relations in the aftermath of the american civil rights movement.  i keep thinking about this research while reading this book and its descriptions of hate.

although nothing in the world could ever compensate for the atrocious injustices that have been inflicted upon african-americans in america over the last 300+ years, there is a bit of poetry in the fact that those who inflicted these injustices based on perceived inferiority due to skin color may very well be the ones who have mutated from the original characteristics of humans. hateful cries of 'go back to africa', in hindsight, are not only hypocritical, but absurd. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

the sad part, however, is that this bit of news was but a blip in the news media. and those who who carry around racial predjudices have an unwavering faith in their beliefs and will, of course, chalk this finding up as another in a series of left-leaning junk science assertions.

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the records i loved in 2007 religious intolerance

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