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i believe i am a vessel for alien communications
i'm not a very organized person.  i will write things down on any writable surface.  as one who works from a home office, nearly every meeting i attend is over a conference bridge.  i discovered today, while perusing these scribblings, that there is no way in hell that i wrote these things.  it's as if, during conference calls, i am briefly possessed by alien life forces, and am simply a vessel through which foreign and indecipherable phrases and fragments flow.   i am embarrassed by some of these of these things, and confounded by most.  the only thing i feel i can do is to air them, in the hopes that someone from the seti institute stumbles upon these phrases and recognizes any patterns consistent with intercepted alien communications.  i can be reached via this website. 

the following are actual, unedited notes recorded on various sheets of paper, envelopes, and post-its over the last 90 days:

* they're not offline

* how are we deficient?

* step through our quality gates

* finite number of hours

* fergie tour

* if we're late, they're stuck

* what's the rate card?

* unclassified list, extra mappings

* lunch

* list of everything we check (or wish we could check)

* temper that w/ the impromtu

* structure + control this

* had document for years

thank you for the opportunity to address this in an open forum. 

i am now ready and willing to be welcomed into the loving fold of the star children.

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