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predictions for 2009
1. there will be some explosions.  religious extremists will blow some things up, most likely in the middle east region.

2. 2009 will begin with a recession.  it is not clear how long it will last, but you can bet on it causing a lot of problems.

3. some famous people you really admire will die.  also some that you will pretend to have admired, and even some you thought were already dead.

4. we will finally see a black president in 2009.  sometime in late january, you can expect to see history be made. 

5. america will be obsessed with celebrity babies.  most likely, some famous people will become pregnant, and some of them will give birth in 2009.  i see many magazines becoming interested in obtaining photos of these celebrity offspring.

6. some politicians -- republicans, i believe -- will say some things that will be considered unfortunate by the media.

7. sometime near the end of 2009 there will be a war on christmas.

8. 2009 will be a big year for movie sequels.  i am seeing large dollars for a few movies with "2" or "3" in the title.  possibly the prefix "re-".

9. a sports figure signed in the off-season for a large sum of money will under-perform.

10.  at least two men will murder their wives and then join the search party, lying and crying in front of cameras.  they will later be arrested and charged with murder.  at least one case will be featured prominently on nancy grace.

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