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But there are other, more pressing matters at hand. For instance, two lovely wines.

A real find. .(2003 Argentinean High Altitude Malbec-Cab Sav blend.).This was a lucky find. After a blind date (a wicked dud..why did he e-mail me again?) I stopped into the drugstore and found this bottle at a remarkable sale price. The labels were crooked and I can only think that the management found this as a mark of bad wine. Thus, it was mine!
As a slight aside, grapes grown at high altitudes enjoy sunny days and cool nights and ripen slowly. I think that increases the sugar content and also makes for a different texture of the skin, influencing a stronger flavor. Makes for nice big reds when aged well and this was no exception. It's a lot bigger and rounder than the syrahs and pinot noirs I've been drinking lately. Since I don't eat much in the way of dinner besides crackers the ‘larger' reds are not incredibly regular in my shopping basket. Did I mention that I liked it? Goes well with killing and eating your own meat or the bottle recommends (god forbid) a casserole.
Casseroles are the reason I was a vegetarian for 13 years.

The other is the HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47-pound Rooster Cali Cab Sav. No date (I think it was on the foil that I threw away).
So totally fruit forward. It was a great pleasure to drink. It would stand up to meat (oh yeah?) and also be nice with a spring salad with some roasted vegetables that somehow incorporated cheese. I ate it with breadsticks. But man was this a fruity wine! And the rooster on the label can either get you out of bed in the morning or hearken towards the dawn to come.

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