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My boss runs a program called UMEB.

This summer he has gifted me with an intern. Peltin Olter Peltep from Pohnpei.

Peltin is pretty cool, though we were having some communication difficulties initially. Only because I just expect people to be able to figure shit out and I wasn't being as sensitive as I could've been. I am a: Dumb. Ass. But all is well. The best part is that I solved the problem Before my boss showed up and so we got to have lunch together and laugh and talk and stuff like that. I love my boss.

Don't tell anyone but I am "unofficially" taking a break this summer. I have one kick-ass student help who needs the hours & $$, I have a great boyfriend, and I'm surfing a lot. Work is not exactly a priority. So all I can think is how can I make this look good on my resume?
Especially if I decide to move to Seattle?
Is there any way?

In other news...Kevin The Grad Student just got back from a drunken escapade in SE Asia so now I am riddled with nightmares of what happens in Bangkok. And he was only there for a day, though he had planned several. Too grossed out, he said. Me too, now, thanks. Fortunately, surf buddy E___ has traveled there extensively and not only explained the things women do there (sometimes I am dumb like that), but recounted to me his "strangest thing [he's] ever seen" which I will now tell you to the best of my ability.

Picture a bar that surrounds an extended square stage on 3 sides. There are beautiful women in heavy make-up. Perhaps upon closer look these beautiful women in evening gowns are actually men. At a point in the evening a bell rings, not unlike a cowbell. Two of the beautiful women ascend the stage and proceed to do a strip-tease (down to thongs). Then, they don boxing shorts and proceed to kick the SHIT out of eachother in Thai Kick Boxing. At the end of the bout they put their evening gowns back on and descend back into the adoring crowd, men clamoring to drink with the winner, bloody and beat up as s/he is.


Hope you are having a great day.

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