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  Planetary alignment
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The planets are giving me (and all of us) a hard time these days. Mercury is moving in a direction that is counter to its regular course. It happens 3 times a year. It is a time not to sign contracts and when communication is clouded and technology is likely to malfunction. And when this happenns in Leo, as it is now, it pertains to ego and outward forms of success. The vermouth of confusion. And boy oh boy has it come smashing home here in my time zone.

The forecast for Sunday:

Grouchy. Mars squares selfish Saturn at 8:57 a.m. Sunday morning (central time). Quack. Likely our coffee pot will explode and ten cups of hot java will hit the floor. We call it coffee karma—it comes when we least expect it. But since it's more likely to happen this weekend, I'll be certain to set the pot precisely in the groove and prevent the possibility. And that's good advice in general for the astrological weather we have now—be more deliberate today, and during Mercury Rx (retrograde..moving in a counter direction). The Skywatch clears slowly as the square expires. One more event: the Moon opposes inflexible Pluto at 4:10 p.m. and then turns void of course (V/C) until tomorrow morning. Pull back and stick to routine when the Moon is V/C and Mercury is Rx.

Look out.

I need straws.

I hate all of my bathing suits.

I'll just take a shower and watch a movie, not say anything to anybody... Wait for it all to go away.

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