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The Guy loaned me a temperature sensor to put in my room because he insists it's mind fryingly hot there in the middle of the day and he can't sleep (he works from 9 PM to 5 AM). Turns out my room is a dehydrating 94 degrees on any given afternoon. As a bonus he hung a second sensor outside so I can check the difference between the inside and outside temps on one display.
Anyway, my new hobby is checking the temperature between drinks.
Goddamn that's fun!

Lots of other stuff has been going on...I'm applying for jobs in Seattle, I attended a really fun conference (and by really fun I mean that I attended some of the first day and none of the second), planning a cool hike for this weekend. But it's been a while so let's talk wine.

Two notable summery whites have been the most persistent visitors in my shopping basket.
The first is Vina Nora Nora Albarino Rias Baixas (2003). A very bright and pale white. It's got a little bit of a bitter edge which is cool and really refreshing. It's slightly minty and peppery but it has just the right amount of oakiness. I think that's where the bitterness comes in. Good with Jujyfruits or Starburst but not Tootsie Rolls.

The other is Gazela Vinho Verde. A "green wine". We have this one labeled as ‘glass optional' at the wine store. It's a little fizzy and very crisp, like a wine soda. Kind of honey-appley with some mineral notes.Good times and easy drinking. Drink it well-chilled on Hot Saturdays or maybe even Porn Mondays.

As a final note, the funniest e-mail I got this week urged me to join the "Michelob Ultra" Marathon Readiness Series but nowhere could I find any information about how much we would be required to drink. Oh well, maybe I will join when it is sponsered by Island Breeze or Riunite.

"Runite on ice, so nice."
It always makes me think "Riunite and it feels so good..."
Like that song by Peaches and Herb.

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