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We are through week one of Fall semester here on an island in the mid-Pacific. It is fun/funny to see the incoming freshmen; their sunburns, wallets stuffed with cash from their parents, buying books and pizzas and S*bucks/Jamba Juices, looking hungover, needing directions and direction. Having the youthful energy back on campus is a welcomed change from summer daze days. There were so few people you had to actually look at eachother.

Being an employee here at the UH has all kinds of benefits. This semester I am using my free credits to take Beginning Golf and Islamic Philosophy. I know nothing about either topic and it is great fun to step out of the world of science and engage in something unrelated. I never realized how beautiful and elegant Philosophy is. I don't know about the golf thing yet. I like the idea of the zenness of it but so far we have only filled out forms.

I'm teaching myself to knit. The E-Z Beginner kit I bought has the worst directions imaginable. Even after checking numerous online resources and calling in a robot (thanks cootie!), even after I have progressed to the point where I have knitted something that approaches square (rhombus-like), even now the directions are completly baffling. And they are pictograms.

And finally, a story from my friend D____:
When I was working at a surplus store (axman) in St.
Paul in 1997, Kim Deal & her sister Kelly used to come
in often to buy crap (Kelly was going to rehab @
Hazelden at the time). I pretended not to know who
they were (nor the pixies) & they were beside
themselves saying: "D____ man, get with it, we're in a
rock & roll band called the Amps, you never heard of
us...? kim used to be in the pixies." I'm like wha,
who? Anyway, about a year later they sent me a ticket
to their show @ the 1st Avenue club in Murderapolis.
The show was really fun, I had a great time, but I
didn't go backstage or to some crazy after-show party
or anything. The next time they came in the store I
gave them free spray paint in gratitude.

Rock on.

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