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The disarming ineptness with which the Katrina relief effort has been managed is sickening. The diseased water that people are living and working in makes the scientist in me wonder about the coming mutations. Obviously, I can add nothing important or original to the discussion of the hurricaine and the unfolding of events thereafter.

Therefore I will bore you with a mundane tale.
My dog has a "fatty tumor" on his tail. Common in older pets, his arthritic behavior of dragging around on his hindquarters between steroid shots had worried the tumor to the point of bleeding. I wrapped it, changing the bandage for several days all the while noting that it was neither stopping bleeding nor healing. Numerous calls to the vet, internets searches and asking around left me with nothing.

So I went on a quest for sulfur. As I recalled from my time in Kenya, we used it for wound care; it would absorb and stop bleeding or oozing and combat infection. You could count on some scarring but at least the flies couldn't lay any eggs in your wound.
But just try getting sulfur from the pharmacy. I called several stores and hospitals and none of the pharmacy personnel could assist me. No one even knew what I was talking about. I finally called the pharmacist at a little dusty pharmacy called The Pill Box .
Not only did he know what I wanted, he had it on the shelf for a low low price.
Thank you, Small Local Merchant, for your competence, caring, and customer service. A victory in my quest to save my dog's butt.

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