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I'm leaving for Colorado soon.
Denver (the mile high city), in particular. I've never been.
I hope to take some pictures and not get altitude sickness.

I'll be hanging out with my friend Francis (the saint). We're going to drive around, hit as many Happy Hours as possible and spend the rest of the time sleeping it off. At least, that's the plan.

I wouldn't mind if we end up in Pueblo to see where they make all those informational pamphlets.

I've also consulted my psychic...she said I will meet a mysterious man I have known for many years, we will fall madly in love like we should've in 1995, get tattoos, plan a wedding where we both wear black and the party favors are catapulting cats. We will play our favorite songs with a hillbilly band. I just don't know how it ends.*

Then she told me I owe her $75. huh? I don't even HAVE a psychic.
It must've been a dream.

I know. Nobody believes me.

*"They lived happily ever after" is an incorrect translation from a french ending not uncommon in fairy tales. It should be "They lived happily for a time".

(See..just like the rest of us.)

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