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  Colorado, pt. 1
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Colorado is beautiful. I spent the first few days with altitude sickness outside of Denver. Unfortunately I didn't avoid any of those things you're supposed to...alcohol, tobacco, firearms. Francis and I stayed up until 4 almost every night drinking and playing guitars. I forgot how much fun that can be. It made for getting a late start, indeed. We went to a PTA meeting where we watched Shaun of the Dead. Spooky.

Then it was off to Boulder. We had one question between the two of us...What happened to all the dive bars?
Why are there always a Chili's and an Applebee's and some stupid Ameri-mexi place? The Mallification of America. Verdict? Boulder is Boring.

We drove to Estes Park on our second day in Boulder. Estes Park, actually the curvy road there, is in The Shining. The historic Stanley Hotel was what, in part, inspired Stephen King to write it. The non-good series was filmed there. We had drinks at the bar. Swell joint. Then it was back to the Boulder Mountain cell phone service OR Internet access! Plus free (live) beetles in every room. Then in the morning we got locked IN our room. Had to climb out the window and get a screwdriver out of the truck and REMOVE the lock. That's what $63 bucks a night gets you.

Francis and I have been playing guitars every night. Such fun. We've written a bunch of songs, all of which are chart busters. (Beer, Boobs, and Brian Wilson; Virginia; Every Time I Think Of You (I get so fucking sick of you)).

We're in Fort Collins for a few days. This place is cool. Lots of bars (but where are the people?) and a decent slice of pizza. Also, Fort Collins has something like the most breweries per square mile in the USA. Beer makes me fat, but I'm burning more calories keeping my internal body temp up.

My lips are chapped. My hair and skin are dry.

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

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