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  Colorado, pt. 2
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What does a girl do for fun here?

After Fort Collins (we stayed an extra day), where I got high with strangers at one in the morning outside the Best Western, where I walked around the local campus (I can't remember the college there), where I had a good burger and a lousy sandwich, where there is a blonde ponytailed girl with a cellphone on every corner, where I questioned my faith, where I finally found my people, we headed back to Denver.

We wrote some more great songs and I even busted out some of my old originals (the ones I only play for myself). Tonight we're going to record some to use in Francis's movies, or whatever. We cruised the old slum (gentrification) and the current one (Colefax Ave.). We went to the Botanic Garden which had a greenhouse (sweaty) full of plants from my homeland (the tropics). We found a dive bar that I thought was going to be a traditional Italian restaurant. It was called Gennaro's, though the giant lit sign looked like it said "Cenarios", but we ended up calling it Geronimo's because it seemed like the last stop for a lot of people. The last resort. Professional alcoholics. Women who looked like a hardened drunk version of my mother.

The plan is to head south tomorrow. And then circle back through Colorado Springs.

Having fun. Miss you.

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