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I've put the grand finale to my Colorado trip on hold in the interest of going with the flow here on the robot. If it's movies we're talking about then by gum, I'll talk about movies.

I ddin't stick to the college theme but, well whatever.

Much of my movie childhood was spent watching things like Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz with my mother, but there are movies that have changed my life in one way or another.

Endless Love

It was 1979 and I was being babysat by my step-aunt, a 15 or 16 year old; I was about 8. She told my parents she'd take me into East Hampton for a movie. I thought we were going to see something like Lady and the Tramp or whatever G movie was currently showing and when she said we were going to sneak into Endless Love I was terrified. I have always been non-confrontational but felt that this disruption of my expected behavior would be too great a burden. In the end I went to the G movie and she saw Endless Love. I just didn't want to know anything about sex, ok? I held onto my innocence a bit longer though without her respect.


I lost my virginity the afternoon I saw this movie (on a VCR). I like the movie despite this.

My Life As A Dog (Mitt liv som hund)
Oh the humanity!

City of Lost Children (La Cité des enfants perdus)
It is beautiful and fantastic and I love the fact that Ron Perlman plays the lead without knowing really a drop of French. How did it change me? It is the movie I ask a guy if he has seen to help decide if I want to go out with him.

So there you have it. Movies. Yep.

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