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  Finale! (finally). With pictures!
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I'm late in posting this mostly because I ruined my back doing a cartwheel. And I wasn't even drunk! So anyway...

Part 3.

In the end we did some cool stuff. Pueblo was not quite as happening as we'd hoped, though the drive down was nice. I did go to the pamphlet place and picked up some free information about male depression, financial planning, and gout. Stellar.
Then we drove west to Canon City which houses the State Penitentiary and oddly, an old, now defunct, church and monastery that is now a winery. (It has a gift shop, but you can't actually go anywhere inside the church/ monastery. The Management claimed it was because there is no heat.). The wine was ok. I bought 2 bottles and a nice St. Clare laminated prayer card. Nobody else around. However, I must say that in the middle of the night, behind our Super-8, there was some kind of serious bust by the cops. I went to check it out but perhaps that story is for another time.

We went to the Royal Gorge . It's a really cool suspension bridge. We were charged an astronomical admission price (for the off-season) by a one–eyed man and we saw a midget and a Giant Man on vacation together. I petted the burros and took pictures of the bison and rams. Nothing else was open there, which is why I thought the price was ridiculous. And nobody else was around.

We drove on what looked like, on the map, to be a rural highway but was actually something called a scenic by-way. I guess it means "a graded dirt road that ascends like 5,000 feet and includes steep cliffs, cows and tunnels blasted through rocks. Not to mention the blind hairpin turns". Or something like that. 15 miles an hour, kids.

This road ended up in an old mining town called Victor. Victor: city of gold. Nobody was in the streets and nothing was open except...
I went into this one place and bought a very dusty t-shirt. There were a bunch of moms sitting around and one young girl..about 6-ish. No customers. The girl was begging for candy. Francis was picking out a postcard. The USA daytime movie was on the TV. The girl begged. The (maybe) Grandma said: "You don't need no more candy. Just sit down and drink your coffee".

Things I noticed about Colorado:
Lots of white people
Fast drivers
Nice license plates
24-hr breakfast
Green chili
Non-ironic trucker hats

My advice:
Sit down and drink your coffee.

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