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You know, just when I got back from my Colorado trip I had a little accident.

I had done all the laundry, stowed the suitcase until the next trip, tidied up the old studio and was taking the dog for a victory lap (walkies) to his fave park. I thought I could use a little stretching out since I'd spent the better part of 2 weeks in strange beds, on floors and in the passenger seat. So I did a couple of handstands. And a cartwheel. The sensation was immediate... and when I say 'sensation' I mean PAIN.
I got Cowboy on his leash and we shuffled home, me stooped like an old chinese woman. By the time I got home I was sweating from the pain. I laid down and spent most of the next 20 days in bed.... with occasional breaks to request more pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs from the student health center. (note to self: add them to the holiday card list).
I have to say, I was so confused from all of the drugs I was taking, I would take too much codeine and not enough muscle relaxer and totally forget to take my anti-depressants. I was too confused to read. I watched a lot of TV. It didn't matter what. I really needed a helper monkey.
My student help, who already felt somewhat liberated from my iron-fisted control while I was on vacation, had not only fumbled the ball, but started playing a completly different game. They were no help at all.
The good part is that I managed to crawl to the chiropractor (no bone crunching!, just a little pogo stick gun) and after a while I could walk upright without much pain and for long stretches of time.

I am back at work killing them softly.
I have a little stash of extra meds.
I am back to singing karaoke.
Look out world....

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