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There is lots of bad news going around. My life is no different.
(Did I tell you I have to get Hand surgery?! WTF?)

What do you say we get together for a little holiday cheeer and crack a couple bottles of whatever the hell is in that bag over there.

Luzon Verde
Quite a nice wine, really. Not very complicated. And a steal. I'd say it's a good wine for new collectors who want to sample something over a few years to get the hang of how things age.
Plus, it's organic and has a cheery label.

We had a bottle of white something a Gavi at work on Sunday but don't ask me the year, ouch. Grassy aromas, straw colored, it really opened up after a few minutes in the glass. Havarti was an ok cheese to pair this with, but have you tried the Spanish manchego?

The next two Sundays are Champagne/sparklings tastings at the store. (Note to self: eat before work)
The hours will be long but the drinks will be incredible. I wish my my friends and robots could come. I'll let you know how it all turns out.


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