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I've been in New York for three weeks attending to family matters that are both wacky and unpleasant...sometimes concurrently.
I've also missed out on a lot of weather/geologic activity in my home state of HI.
Within 2 days they experienced
A 5.3 earthquake,
A hurricane warning (category 2, Flossie), and
A tsunami warning (oh no! Peru!).

Does Hawai`i miss me? (unlikely)

On the up side, I did have a lovely "day off" in Brooklyn with Mr. and Mrs. Robot.
We had quesadillas (big as yer goddamn forearm) and pupusas and fresh lemonade at that Red Hook soccer field Stu is always raving about rightfully so. Rich had a zip car and we drove all around the hood. Mrs. Robot and I cruised Smith Street and bought wine.
We went to a fun and fabulous wine tasting party with tony people and socializing. That was really great. It was fun to trade wine with Rich....though I totally got the better end of the deal. (thanks)

This week I went to the Levittown Historical Museum. Do you know about Levittown ??

"In 1949, Levitt and Sons ... turned their attention to building a larger, more modern house, which they called a "ranch" and which they would sell for $7,990. All a prospective buyer needed was a $90 deposit and payments of $58 per month. The Levitt ranch measured 32' by 25' and came in five different models, differing only by exterior color, roof line, and the placement of windows."

Levitt pretty much invented suburbia. His home layouts changed the way families congregated; they used the back yard instead of the front porch or stoop. This alone radically changed the reality of "neighborhoods".

I took some pictures.
I spent a lot of time in Levittown in my youth...going to the pool, hanging with my grandparents.

I'm hanging with my last remaining (and fading) grandma for a few more days before returning to HI.

It's funny to hear her say things like "bummer".

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